We're sold out again! What are the reasons for that?!

We're sold out again! What are the reasons for that?!

We asked the participants of our SharpBrows microblading training why they’ve chosen us and they came up with the answers that lead to the following three reasons.

SharpBrows training are carried out in very small groups (2-4 participants). Why is it so? The reason is simple: we’ve discovered that the time in which the participant learns microblading and the number of her (or his) mistakes pointed out by the trainer is inversely proportional. For that it is inevitable that the trainer also oversees the student performing microblading not just a photo of the completed job. Pictures are greatly telling, however it is impossible to realize for example what sort of pressure did the student apply, what was her exact order of tasks performed, how did she prepare the procedure etc. And we’ve not even going to start about how biased it is to award a diploma or any sort of credentials based on photos only because that allows it to be given to girls that have never even opened the starter-kit after the training.

We believe that the most important part of learning the art of microblading is performing it on a live person. Compared to many others our courses differer a great deal because students participating perform the process on two different models and when it comes to the second one the process is completed with minimal intervention by the trainer. Obviously it is preceded by intensive practicing, however when it comes to ‘practicing on a model’ the student actually does practice on a model by herself (or himself) and doesn’t just retouch some of the fine lines of a set of beautiful brows created by the trainer.

According to a well-known and effective psychological mechanics grown up elephants do not try to escape even if they are tied to a very tiny stick with a weak chain because they’ve learned not to try as they were unable to escape in their early days. We do not want that to happen to our students and thus we have no restrictions that would limit the participants practicing on living models until they receive such permission from the trainer (that -when it comes to many other trainings - can ironically never be given). We believe in the student developing as fast and as far as possible letting the market to decide who will get the actual clients because of actual skills.

it is important for us that the clients of our participants be satisfied and when it comes to that we’ve discovered an interesting logic: the quality of the microblading jobs completed by our students is not determined by the number of days passed from the end of the training but by the number of brows actually bladed. And that figure, by the way, is considerably higher when it comes to us compared to many alternative classes, many participants of which have not even practiced at all afterwards. The facts speak for themselves and if you wish to become an actual practitioner of microblading you are very welcome to enroll in our training.

Dreams do come true!

Dreams do come true!

I’ve never had so many classes in so many different countries with so many different participants than in the past few weeks. Looking back, it all gets blurred in my head into a large acceleration lane that is surrounded by cheerful people, my new students - my friends. I can’t even recall concrete classrooms, seminar halls, massage tables or hundreds of brow drawings, all that has remained in the forefront of that all is just the feeling of gratitude.

Why am I talking about all that? I want you to know: dreams do come true. I remember in detail how I was trying to get started with my brow business. I had nothing - I mean literally nothing: no capital, no contacts, not even a plan. All I had was a firm decision no change my life and my will to do whatever it takes to become an international makeup artist and a trainer. If you think that everyone surrounding me considered my dreams to be realistic or even doable you are badly mistaken. It’s not even how they explained to me that this is never gonna happen because Tallinn is too far and competition there is too fierce and that the rest of the world I should just forget about right away. It’s that they did it. Constantly.

I’m telling you just one thing: if I had ever listened to them then I would most probs be still working in a tiny salon in Saaremaa and you’d know nothing about me. In your life there are moments when you’ve got to blindly believe in yourself even if practically no-one else does. Your peer group doesn’t necessarily have any sort of ill intentions towards you, they’re just different and afraid that if against all odds you made it then you’d leave them behind and they’d just lose you. And that’s the reason they come up with tons of explanations why your dreams are unrealistic and undoable and why you should give those up because otherwise you’d be disappointed. The worst about it is that quite often their reasons start to sound solid even for the hardest go-getter.

Luckily those didn’t kill my dreams. I just couldn’t give up what I was hoping and working for so hard. I decided that I want more from my life, I want to give my ultimate best and see how far it takes me. I’ve known from early on that I could never live a perfectly predictable calm stable life that’s just a code-name for a killing routine and die 50 miles from the place I was born. I want to see the world, give classes in London, New York and even further. I want to get something done with my life, ‘put a dent in the universe’, as Steve Jobs said. I’ve faith in that and that faith has helped me a lot lately.

If you strive real hard and take action, new opportunities present themselves, new doors open and you get offered traveling new secret paths and magnificent highways that you couldn’t have even imagine existed. And then all of a sudden you start seeing your life and the world in a different light, you realize that the limitations you had are not related to the environment you live in but to the limited beliefs of the people you chose to listen to and that did not believe in you or even if they did,  did not show it (which is practically the same).

How can you do the same? I really want to tell you all about it when we meet for example at some of my classes. Actually, we talk about these things in all of our classes: FullGlam brow training, now remastered FullGlam Extensions training and also at our SharpBrows microblading training. Without that part of the class the overall result would be much less influential for the participants, thus I urge you to enroll. I can give less classes in Tallinn at the moment because I’m traveling more and more, however I’m sure you’ll get your seat if you’re fast enough. I’m sure that you have all that it takes to make your dreams come true inside you and all you really need is just someone to believe in you and help you get out of the everyday mundane routine that people tend to get stuck in for years. Let me be that person! I promise I’ll give my ultimate best to do that as well as I’ll stand next to you when you get started with your new career. See you soon!

Everything is possible because one person can change your life…

Everything is possible because one person can change your life…

Tens of girls have written to me…  Actually already more than a hundred. I’m extremely thankful of all the good wishes and support. It means a lot to me. Starting providing services under the SharpBrows brand name means a start of a new era for me and for all the other girls at ProBrows. We dear to look further and raise our glances even higher.

The world is full of girls that seem to be counting on something or someone from the outside when it comes to pursuing their personal success: parents, partner, husband, winning a lottery or whatever else. I’m not amongst them. I truly believe that advancing towards one’s dreams in life depends on the person herself and herself only. I’m not ashamed to say that - nor here, nor in the classes.

I often go back in my thoughts to the very first training I carried out. There was exactly one student there and it was held in a tiny room. I recall knowing back then that it was a big big thing because I had always dreamt of being a teacher, however I also knew that it’s just the beginning. I had this certainty, that sort of inner confidence telling me that in case I do manage to do everything the right way, if I strive real hard then everything is possible. I know it sounds crazily humongous - “everything”. However, it’s the truth. Everything IS possible. But there’s a caveat: everything is possible only if you do it yourself.

I believe that all solutions that are provided to you from the outside: gifts, people doing things for you, someone helping you with every step you want to take always bear two characteristics: those are temporary and highly addictive. If you let other people build your success for you then sooner or later you’ll find yourself in the passenger seat. If you’ve ever tried driving a car that way you know that this is pretty insanely impossible.

Dreaming your dreams yourself, going after your dreams yourself and being in control of your life is something we also teach at our classes. And it works. Many girls have written to me about how they have been able to make changes in their working career and due to that also in their lives in general. And that I believe to be the essence of feeling total gratitude and I thank each and every student that has told me about her progress.

Of course, the only person that can change your life is you. And I truly hope that I can help you on your journey towards change, if you so have wished. I’m not afraid to say that I’ve made it when it comes to a lot of things and dreams that started with just one girl on a tiny classroom have been replaced by dreams that involve tons of girls in large cities all over the world. If that attitude is something you also happen to love and in addition about learning new skills related to brows you also want to take complete control over your own dreams and life, then I believe you’ll love our courses :)

See you soon,

15 Brow-mistakes a girl should never make!

15 Brow-mistakes a girl should never make!

Here we go again! ProBrows Estonia brow professional Siiri Tabri has composed a list of 15 brow mistakes you should pretty much try to avoid at any cost. Obviously you know many (or most) of those but in case you do find a couple of new things to take into account when taking care of your brows then, I guess, we've managed to make your day just a little bit better :)

1. Make sure the brow hair is not too tangled!

2. Too not mix too many brow-products on your brows at the same time!

3. Don't try to shape your brows with just one line

4. Don't forget to render the brow pencil color into your brows.

5. Do not use the wrong brow color!

6. Do not apply too much brow-marker!

7. Never leave brows patchy!

8. Make sure the brows are not filled too heavily!

9. Make sure the brows are not filled unevenly!

10. Make sure the brows always have a well defined shape!

11. Avoid making the tip of the arch too sharp!

12. Do not make the brow too looong!

13. Never make brows too rectangular!

14. Never over-tweexe your brows.

15. Avoid "comma"-shape and never move the tip of the arch right in the center of the brow!

A little more about microblading

A little more about microblading

It doesn't matter if you like them arched and feathered or straight and bold, eyebrows are arguably the most important facial feature. If you're not satisfied with the ones you have, there are so many ways to update them, including brow gel, pencils, and even tattooing. But now there's a very natural option that delivers semi-permanent results. Ladies, we'd like to introduce you to microblading. Unlike the sometimes Sharpie-esque effects of permanent makeup, microblading is more of an embroidery of trompe l'œil strokes that look just like real hairs. The following story is based on InStyle post.

Nadia Afanaseva, microblading expert and trainer at Eye Design New York gave us the 411 on the unique service, and after our talk there's no surprise why so many women love it. "Microblading is perfect for those who want to fully reconstruct, define, cover gaps, or fill-in over plucked brows," she explained. The professional lash and eyebrow expert also revealed that those who just want to add a slight arch are also great candidates, and the results are a natural, undetectable fringe.

If you're still not sure how the technique differs from tattooing, Afanaseva explained that "during the microblading process we use a special microblading pen to draw on individual strokes one by one." It's an extremely meticulous process that takes around two hours to complete. Since the results will last for up to three years before beginning to fade it's good to know that the technicians pay so much attention to detail. "The first hour we’re drawing the shape in with removable pencil. That’s the longest part and the most important step. During this time, the best customized shape for every client is chosen." The pro advises clients to be cautious of places that claim to complete the process in one hour. "It's not a rushed procedure, it cannot be done in an hour."

Before the microblading begins, a topical numbing cream is applied to the area to minimize discomfort, followed by a liquid anesthetic. If you're worried that the process is painful, Afanaseva assures, "some clients may feel a slight discomfort, but it's relatively painless."The best part about the technique is that there is no down time. Your new set of brows will be ready for a selfie immediately after the process. The pro, however, does recommend a follow-up one month after your appointment. "The healing process is different for everyone, and it takes between 25 and 30 days. After a month we recommend a 40-minute touch-up to most customers."

"Unlike eyebrow extensions, which you have to be careful about maintaining, microblading is low maintenance. After healing, you can rub them and enjoy swimming. No special care is required, except for a brief touch-up once a year." The smudge-proof solution will cost you anywhere between $700 and $800. But waking up every morning with perfect brows may totally be worth it.

Some useful brow-products

Some useful brow-products

Here we go - these are the brow-products and we've used most of these. We hope that you also find those useful.

Sleek Makeup Brow Kit.
This Sleek kit never fails, it continually fleeks the eyebrows. The kit comes with shaping wax, setting powder, mini tweezers, an angled and blending brushes. The brushes could be a little bigger, but everything else makes up for that.

Clinique Instant Lift For Brows.
Eyebrow pencil and highlighter in one, it’s a great little eyebrow pen that allows you to build on the colour. You can go from natural brows to bold brows, or to really bold, depending on what takes your fancy.

NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder.
This kit will up your brow game by so many levels. It includes a wax which you apply before the colour, kinda like a eyebrow primer, so your brows will stay put all.freaking.day.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow Kit.
It’s waterproof people! The gel is also easy to use, creates a natural looking brow and comes with a spiral brush. but best of all it’s WATERPROOF!


Makeup Revolution Ultra Brow Palette.
What more could you ask for from a eyebrow kit. It comes with 4 shades which you can mix and match, a pencil, a powder highlighter and a cream highlighter. The shades are pigmented AF and it really gives you bold brows.

HD Brows Eye & Brows Palette.
A two in one, eyebrow kit and eyeshadow palette. Use it to fleek your brows,then create a flawless smokey eye with it.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo.
Loved by beauty bloggers everywhere, (seriously search it on Youtube, everyone uses it.) The product does wonders for the brows, especially for thinner brows, plus it stays on all day.

LA Girl Pro Conceal Porcelain.
A little goes a long way with this concealer. It’s ideal for tiding up the brows, and adding that finishing touch.


NYX Eye brow kit Set.
Eyebrow kit with added stencils, mirror and instructions, in case you are new to this eyebrow thing.

Rimmel London Professional Eyebrow Pencil.
This eyebrow pencil is pretty much a must have. You can shape the brows with the brush, and use the pencil to draw on your brows and fill in gaps.

The Brow Shaper by Lilibeth of New York.
For anyone who isn’t here for the pain of hair removal. The brow shaper gets rid of unwanted hair quick, easy and pain free.

Eylure Brow Palette.
Define and shade the hell out of your brows with this kit. It comes with highlighter and three different shades, blonde, brown and dark brown.


NYX Eyebrow Gel.
Your eyebrows will look fleeky AF with this one. The waterproof gel leaves brows looking fuller, but still pretty natural.

Benefit Gimme Brow.
It does exactly what it says on the tin. It gives you brows. It actually makes a difference to the brows, and leaves them looking fuller, yet natural.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Enhancing Serum Advanced.
For anyone who wants full brows, without having to fill it out, EVERY.DAMN.DAY. This helps especially with over plucked brows.

Pixi by Petra’s Brow Powder Palette.
Cute packaging aside, this stuff really works. A good mix of shades so you can mix and match to your natural brow colour, and use as highlighters.

Brow-trainings: Before and After

Brow-trainings: Before and After

Copyright ProBrows Europe.

You have surely seen a lot of before and after pictures in the beauty business - the ones where there’s usually a picture of how something used to look like before on the left and the picture of how the same thing looks like after the procedure on the right. Well, we did the same with brow-design and grooming trainings. And already quite soon you can experience the the difference at our new trainings.


“No worries, I found us the brow-trainings handouts! It’s done!”. Sounds a bit funny, doesn’t it? Like a scene from a movie or something. Well, quite often life is even more absurd than the movies. There are several brow-trainings out there that have handout-materials or manuals containing information that is just copy-pasted from materials of other similar trainings. Not just taken and modified but copied word by word together with the “misakses”. What usually happens, when such materials are used in trainings is the following: there are more than one principle difference in between what’s written in the handout workbook and what the trainer teaches, i.e. how or in which order to perform some brow-grooming procedure etc. The result: students get confused and it’s very hard to put the learned material into practice afterwards.

“Yo, could you pull off a class tomorrow?”. You can surely imagine a scene in a movie or a fairy-tale where a character gets some super-powers (levitate, read others minds or turn invisible) by somebody just waving a magic wand? Many organizers of brow-trainings seem to be believing to have the same sort of powers. If one writers “Trainer” under somebody’s name then how exactly does that enhance persons’ abilities to teach a class. The correct answer is: “Not too much.”. If a person has never ever learned to teach then it doesn’t make very much difference how much she knows when she’s only capable of passing on a tiny fraction of her wisdom. We’ve all heard about magnificent soccer players that become absolute failures as trainers and the esact same mechanics apply to brow-business.

“Our headquarters is…em…in…”. There’s nothing wrong with the fact that people become interested in various different things. However, there’s not too much good about drifting away from the reality and ending up in a fairy-tale world that is completely imaginary. If everything about the training-provider from the brand name, marketing, clients and system of certification on up to the fact that there are actually no employees working for the company and all the decisions are coming from some sort of headquarters (that actually is also literally “head quarters” because it’s located in person’s head), is fake, then we believe the situation isn’t funny anymore. What’s the consequence of all that imaginary world? Certification one receives by such training-providers is also a part of the fake world of imagination. The sad thing is that it’s much harder to make others, that are not convinced by the personal sunken cost, to believe in the value of such certificates.


It was much harder than we thought. After having decided to go into brow-training business we realized how hard it actually is to put together a practical class. We understood that it’s not easy at all to provide solutions to the problems that actually prevent brow-professionals from earning more income and that it is pretty far fetched to believe that one class could change the situation dramatically. What did we create as a result of that? A revolutionary silver bullet that solves all the problems? No, absolutely not. Rather we put together a set of tools that are based on a large number of conversations with the beauty-pros that have gone to different brow-trainings and analyzing what they have considered to be the most valuable lessons learned that can be put into practice. We decided that first and foremost we must concentrate on the actual GAIN the participates get form the training. The concrete goal we phrased was that the participants should be able to make the investment made into the training back 10 folds and that it would happen in the following couple of months after the class. To be able to put together a class that enables achieving that goal we consulted true brow-pros from Estonia, Finland, Russia and many other places. We achieved a result that makes us proud and most definitely allows to deliver the material so that there is no contradiction between what one sees in the workbook and what the teacher tells.

We were lousy trainers at first. Although many girls that have joined ProBrows excel at various fields of beauty business, we realized that at least at first they very pretty mediocre trainers. Probably not better at all than the trainers of many brow-classes are now. They had good intentions, but the skill-set to be a professional trainer just wasn’t there. Then we called up the best teachers and trainers we knew, asked them everything about training and after htat just started practicing. We practiced a lot. It would be nice to say now that we found a revolutionary solution to training and became excellent trainers because of that. However, that would not be the truth. What happened was that our trainer candidates became better gradually learning from all the mistakes they made. We realized the importance of acknowledging how the participants want to learn and how important it is to follow the individual expectations of everyone in the group. We know now that trainings have to be absolutely student-centered and that the approach to training must include tons of sincere caring towards the students acquiring the new skill-set. And after all that we can say with pride that we have achieved that.

ProBrows is a company established in Estonia. Yes, we have investors from Finland and other countries. Yes, we have many representatives in other Scandinavian and European countries and we are expanding fast. However, we do not feel the need to come up with a cool founder-story that would try to stun everybody with big names of large cities or street-locations we’ve actually never been to. Why not? Firstly, because that’s not the way we do things. Secondly, that would just not be the truth. We refuse to believe that anyone at all could take our training certificates seriously after finding out that we’ve lied about where and how we’re established or where our headquarters is. And thus also our certification system is as transparent as we are. We’ve made an informed decision that we issue two diplomas: one proving that a student has been to the class and the second proving that the student has acquired a certain skill-set. Obviously getting the second diploma always pre-supposes review of student’s work by our pros. Simple as that.

ProBrows brow-trainings are ready and you’ll be able to enroll soon. See you and take care!

How was AirLashes born - a stroy of Starbucks, creativity and independent gals

How was AirLashes born - a stroy of Starbucks, creativity and independent gals

Copyright ProBrows Europe.

Let’s kick it off with some swagger this time :) Our lash-brand AirLashes is really popular. Sorry, for being so blunt and direct. The only reason I take such liberty is the following: this is not a lie. It’s the truth! It seems that we hit the nail on the head with that one and in the following story I’ll explain you how exactly we did this. I’ll show you with which logical approach you can find your idea-nail that slammed with a massive creativity-hammer makes it possible for a simple girl to achieve extraordinary results. ‘Idea-nail’ and ‘creativity-hammer’ - pretty colorful images, aren’t they? Well, don’t pardon me, I’m just getting started ;)

Ok. I was at Starbucks as it so often happens. With the gals from ProBrows we’d made an informed decision to penetrate deep into the wonderful universe of lashes, a couple of days ago. Logical. Nothing wrong with that. However we needed a brand name. What will our lash-brand be called? What’s the perfect name for that? I started figuring that out by myself. However, everything that was running through my mind then seemed so freaking lame. Or a cliche. Or taken. Or just lame (uh, guess I said that already). I’m sure you feel me. Ok, coffee helps. Ordered. Drank. Ordered. Started intensive brainstorming…

To be able to ever reach Omega, one has to get started with Alpha, as they say and that’s exactly what I did. I searched my brain and opened a file by the name of ‘Characteristics_that_a_great_lash-brand_has_to_have.txt’ (Created last night at 3:05). Open. Read. I recalled to have figured out 7 pretty exact characteristics that I wanted a lash-brand to have and here’s an insight into my mind - don’t get me wrong, I don’t honestly wanna brag, I do not believe to be better or more creative than you are - I’m telling you these things because I genuinely believe that we’ve got a lot in common and that you’d be able to get it done even better, one day.

So what are the 7 characteristics I mentioned… or more exactly: what should a perfect lash-brand be like?

1. Pretty. Your brand has to be just pretty. Sounds feminine? I bet it does. Many men have had somewhat confused looks on their faces when I mention that. However, I’m sure you get it. It has to look pretty on the outside, sound pretty when articulated and feel kinda pretty when spotted somewhere.

2. Simple. Simple is always better. Many gals fall in love with their strangely complicated brand names just because they have created those. Forget it. If you want the name to start its own life, make it simple. Really simple.

3. Catchy. What makes a brand-name catchy? Well, first of all its length. I would not suggest combining more that 2 words together because after that the ability for ordinary folks to even memorize it drops dramatically.

4. Meaningful. In relation to what I’ve mentioned already, but not only, the name also has to be meaningful. All the prefixes and suffixes that may sound good to you do not usually do a favour to your brand. In addition to that, in the ideal world the meaningfulness of the brand should also enhance its positive qualities.

5. Current. We’ve learnt to avoid anything that is not current when it comes to our brands. The band has to be contemporary and modern. Hit the zeitgeist as they say. Thus we fear anything washed-up and out-of-date as today’s youth fears boredom.  

6. Available. Yep, sounds harsh but one has to check quite a many online databases before choosing a brand name to develop. It also has to be pointed out that it’s pretty insane to start developing a brand name without having a .com address for the future website.

7. International. All our brands are international. You should never just think about your local market. Think globally and then, amongst all the other markets, also hit the ones that are closest to you.

Uh, what’s the point of listing those 7 things. Simple. Creativity - boosted with some caffeine or not - is a wild horse that has to be tamed to some extent and pointed to run in the right direction. And that, my dear amigas, can only be done with absolutely rational framework that channels the creativity into the right direction giving its run the trajectory that produces focused results.

Now, how did I get to AirLashes, exactly…

Well, that is actually a story of applying the very rational approach I was talking about to my wild creativity. Firstly, there are some words in each category that define a successful brand. When it comes to lash-business, the word an excellent brand-name must have is ‘lashes’. Now, it would be kinda nice to stay that I just wrote all sorts of words that could be combined with ‘lashes’ on a nice sheet of white paper and then picked and chose ‘air’ out of those. No, it didn’t happen like that. Or, to be even more precise, it happened like that partly… I’ll explain.

The thing is that from a very young age on I’ve had pretty visual thinking (It’s strange of course to speak about my youth whilst being still just 24 but I know that there are many young-ones in the brow- and lash-biz). Thus I just started seeing all the cool words that would match with ‘lashes’ in my head and those run really fast like some sort of a app-menu we all scroll so often. I tried to combine all the short ones with 'lashes'… However, soon I realized I need to have some more precision… I realized I need to create some filters and I did.

As all the people that have ever dealt with startups I knew that when it comes to lash-business we also have to be able to solve an important problem. Thus, I was thinking what is the most important problem with contemporary lash-extension solutions. The answer to that was really obvious: weight. Namely, everybody hates heavy extensions. Therefore I started concentrating on the opposite of heavy. Quite quickly, of course, I stumbled upon the word ‘light’. However, the problem with that one was the multitude of meanings (light as a verb, as sunlight, as the opposite to ‘difficult’ etc). In addition to that, all other words that were antonyms to ‘heavy’ felt kinda uncool when combined with ‘lashes’. I realized I need to kick my creativity up a notch and I did. With the help of Mr Starbucks, of course.

After yet another frappuccino I started asking myself the right kind of questions: what is really lightweight? What is actually weightless? And then - believe it or not (however, you have to believe it because I’m telling you the truth) - Google helped me. I started typing ‘Light as…” into the search field and it auto-completed that with ‘air’. A coincidence? Maybe. But the kind that just enough of creativity creates. And Google. And a laptop :)

Copyright ProBrows Europe.

Then I checked if 'AirLashes' ticks all the boxes…

1. Pretty. Already, just after giving birth to the name AirLashes I imagined how exactly the logo would look like (basically, I was picturing it to be exactly as it is now). Pretty? I’d say ‘check’. Even cute in a way.

2. Simple. I realized how simple this brand name was when I told about it to my friends. And that, by the way, is something you should always go for when testing your brand-idea. Talk about it to your friends as if the brand already existed and see how they react to that. Thus I went like: “Have you checked out the new product line of AirLashes?” Positive reactions only. Everybody got immediately that I was talking about a lash-brand.

3. Catchy. Of course, the name AirLashes was tattooed into the depths of my mind, but what about everybody else? When it comes to generating brand names one should always be ready to kill her own babies when others are unable to recall those correctly after some time. Be brutally honest and just ask the folks you spoke about the brand name after some time. If they get it right, you’re on the right path.

4. Meaningful. When it comes to ‘AirLashes’ that wasn’t even an issue. However, when developing a brand name I suggest you to put on your best Barbie-girl face and ask them with all honesty: ‘What does that name resonate with in your head?’ . The answers you get are telling. All the feedback I got for AirLashes made me truly happy: light, light as air, fluffy, breeze, air, clouds, sky etc.

5. Current. Of course, one may think what’s so modern and current about ‘air’. However, when you realize that absolutely everything in the lash-world is moving into the direction of making lashes lighter, having ‘air’ in the brand name doesn’t sound silly at all. At least according to all the lash-pros I've asked about it.

6. Available. Gettin all the domain names for your brand is obviously a humongous hassle. A puzzle that had to be solved lawyering up and using the help of ProBrows IT department pros. Together we managed to get it all and AirLashes was also born into the wonderful world of interwebs.

7. International. Of course it is. And pretty much so! AirLashes gets the right response no matter if used in New York, London, Paris or Moscow.


The moral of the story: I’m no chica fantastico, I’m just being brutally honest and gutsy…

No matter how much experience you’ve had, what are your credentials so far or what’s you age, I believe a gal has to be brutally honest, creative and daring. You’ve got to have the guts to do things, you know. I believe that there are two kinds of people in the world: those that dare to be creative, to explore, to get it on and also get things done (unfortunately a tiny percentage of all people), and those that just wait for the things to happen to them. With all honesty I can assure you I belong to the first group and of all things that has helped me the most in my life.

I do not want to be dependent on anyone or anything and I believe that to be the reason I am where I am in my life. I cherish my my own creativity and I’m real and gutsy - whatever I’ve accomplished in my life, I’ve achieved myself. It may well be less than someone else has, but at least it’s truly mine. I admit that I do not dig anyone who’s fake and just concentrates on hyping herself as much as possible. However, I let that slide, 'cause I know that the hardest punishment for being fake is living with the constant pressure of not being able to answer the question: “Who am I really, if I’m not the one I thought I was?”.

I wish you have lots of guts to go for what you truly love and if you would want me to say in completion just in one sentence what’s the recipe for creating an excellent brand, I’d say that you have to have the following ingredients: a large dosage of guts, lots of creativity that’s unleashed only if you’re being true to yourself, true love for the business you’re in, a lot of mental creatine for your hustler-muscle (whatta creative expression I just coined :) ) and of course… some excellent Starbucks coffee :) Mix those and see where it takes you. Pretty far, I figure.

I truly wish that this post motivates all ProBrows readers to develop even more great brands and be in an even more creative, powerful and energetic state of mind than I was when I created AirLashes.

Take care and maybe we’ll meet some day, most probs in a salon or why not in a Starbucks in the city of cities or maybe even in Scandinavia :)

Paper towns, fairytale-world and real life

Paper towns, fairytale-world and real life

Copyright ProBrows Europe.

I try to write a little. I know that I’m not the best at this, however all that follows is real and coming from the bottom of my heart. So, let's get it on... Life would be really simple if everything were like in the movies. No, rather like in fairytales (although most movies are actually fairytales). In a word, so that the archetypical scenario would be fulfilled: the protagonist, that has the purest of desires, would be opposed with the forces of evil that push her to the verge of doom, from where she victoriously returns, opposing those, and becoming so much more than she can be. Sounds familiar? I bet it does.

Obviously, the previous paragraph rose two questions in your head: “Why do I talk about fairytales?” and “What the heck is the ‘archetypical’?”. Google will answer you the second one and to get the answer to the first one you just have to read the rest of this post :) The problem regarding the fairy-tale like concepts lies within the very fact that life isn’t actually much of a fairy-tale. Life consists of larger doses of rationality and facts. Although, obviously always and forever we should keep on believing in fairy-tale like opportunities, we should never be stuck in living in just that sort of a world because that would lead us to insanity.

How does this all relate to brow- and lash-business that we’re in daily? Actually a lot. I’m sure you remember Cara Delevingne from the movie Paper Towns (brow-game excellent, we know, we know). However, if you were one of the curious ones as we are, you also read the book by John Green the movie was based on. If you happened to do so, you surely know about paper towns - the towns that actually do not exist and are just marked on maps to prevent those from being copied. The funny thing about paper towns is that sometimes so many people start to go there because of those maps, that these towns actually become established in real life, at some point.

Ok… but still, the brow-business? One may establish a company, create brands, websites and blogs about things that do not exist - thus mark their paper-towns on a map. There is nothing wrong with having a bit of a Steve Jobs kind of ‘fake it ‘till you make it’ approach (by the way, do you know that if he had made one false touch or swipe during the first iPhone presentation the whole thing would have failed because it was a wholly constructed simulation not a real thing :) ). As we know paper towns MAY become real if people get used to going there etc, however that happens rarely….

It’s all about the core and guts. Although the term ‘brow-business’ starts with ‘brow’ it’s ‘business’ first and ‘brows’ second. It means that in addition to emotional surface and fa-fa imagery, it’s a very rational field. And in business there are two parameters that determine the success of it (you may oppose it at first, but in the end you’ll realize that it just can not be in any other way) - turnover and profit. It does not really matter how we spin things - when it comes to evaluating businesses we end up looking into the eyes of those two values. If there is no turnover, then… who do say it in the best way… Em, then there’s no turnover. Or the turnover there is, is mostly cash, which means basically a bit of a tax evasion but still no actual appreciable turnover. If there is turnover and no profit, the situation is somewhat better but the profit should still appear at some point of time.

What do I do with that sort of information, may you ask now. If you look at the actual financial data and annual reports of the limited companies that deal with providing beauty services in Estonia and other Scandinavian countries (and we did) then you clearly see what’s going on. There are girls who have managed to build real businesses that have turnover, employees and that even pay taxes. Respect. Although we’ll be their future competitors, we truly mean it. And then there are girls that have just built paper towns that have remained paper towns throughout the years - just the surface, no core. Basically those consist of just a bunch of attempts to draw the attention away from real facts by constructing and then polishing glamorous surface to something that is empty inside. It’s similar to taking pictures of yourself with your friends handbag and then uploading those to Instagram or using whatever else you don’t have or can’t afford to make yourself look cooler or more presentable.

If you are in the beauty business or you're planning to enter it, you must make an informed decision about to which group you want to belong in the future. Are you the kind of girl that just wants to look real or do you want to be real? We strive hard to be to the second group and we are. Building an organization is not an easy job and we have to admit that although we’ve managed to get quite a lot of professional competence involved, it’s still very hard at times. However, we keep on moving on step by step and as one of our investors said: “It’s obvious that there’s a lot we don’t know yet, still the most important thing is that everything we do is real.”.

Thanks for reading and I truly hope that you’ll give this subject some thought.

Annika Iso-oja
ProBrows co-founder

Brow-extensions are still in 2.0

Brow-extensions are still in 2.0

So what are brow extensions?

Based on the Buzzfeed article. The answer to this question is as simple as it is totally insane: A brow technician uses tweezers to dip tiny synthetic eyebrow hairs into skin-safe glue and, one by one, gently sticks the hairs onto your skin — thus creating a brow where before there was none. The results, which are supposed to last for two weeks and can cost anywhere between $75 to $350 per person, look ridiculously realistic. You can learn more about how eyebrow extensions work here.

Copyright Buzzfeed.

The process took a little under two hours per person. After those sleek little follicles were in place, we learned the rules. The first rule of brow extensions is: You do not touch the brow extensions. Avoid washing them, accidentally rubbing them, and please for all that is holy, do not SWEAT. (JK sweating is OK, but it will make them fall off faster.)

The process on placing eyebrow extensions

The process of placing brow extensions. Copyright Buzzfeed.

Example 1: Jenny

Copyright Buzzfeed.

The problem: "I’ve always been insecure about my brows (I religiously fill them in with MAC’s Stud brow pencil). I wanted nothing more than for my brows to have shape, color, and most importantly a Queen Bey presence.".

The results: "After the super-relaxing process of having them applied, I saw the GLORIOUS final look. They looked so natural! Though having extensions saved time in the morning (when I’d normally be drawing my brows on), that time was then spent caring for them. Washing my face took twice as long because I had to make sure no face cleanser or moisturizer got anywhere near them.".


Example 2: Kristin

Copyright Buzzfeed.

The problem: "My biggest annoyance with my brows is that they’ve completely thinned out on the edges. Also, the hairs go in all kinds of directions.".

The results: "They looked so natural. The first day I woke up with the extensions, I weirdly felt more put together. And not having to spend the time drawing them in was fantastic. But trying to wash my face was problematic. It felt like I had two eyebrow stickers attached to my face so I didn’t want to go ANYWHERE near them.".

Example 3: Tracy

Copyright Buzzfeed.

The problem: "They’re too thin! The women in my family lose their brows as they get older, so I’m kind of paranoid about that.".

The results: "The extensions made my brows look like what I call “Tumblr eyebrows,” kind of big and boxy in the center, which I expected. But washing my face was TERRIFYING. I was so careful while washing my forehead that I did a bad job of it and my forehead was shiny for three days.".


Example 4: Sarah

Copyright Buzzfeed.

The problem: "They stop a little short and are thinner than I would like, tbh. I’m hoping to look like Khaleesi from Game of Thrones and not have to draw ‘em on to be thicker.".

The results: "They looked fierce, like how I would photoshop them. Somehow I envisioned them being a little more dramatic, but I’m glad they kept it natural-looking. Honestly, I was probably less hygienic the week I had them on because I couldn’t get them wet. Trying to get them to not fall off was a little stressful.".


Final verdicts

Jenny: It was SUCH a great experience, but I don’t ever see myself getting them again unless it’s for a special occasion (maybe a wedding?). I learned that nothing comes easy when it comes to beautiful brows :)

Kristin: I loved being able to see my bold brows, and the extension experience was easy breezy. But it was kind of a bummer that they barely lasted a week. Maybe they would last longer in the winter when you’re not sweating? That being said, once you see what your brows can look like it’s like a strange high that you want again! Especially after seeing them return to their natural state.

Tracy: Do it if you have the coin! It’s a cool experience — good for a special occasion — but I’d also stress how aware of your face you have to be. As a big face-toucher, I missed touching my face. My face had separation anxiety :)

Sarah: You should try it for a special event! For people with really sparse or thin brows, it’s pretty amazing, but the upkeep is just a little tedious.

Thus it is absolutely sure that taking care of brow extensions and washing your face with those on is a bit hard at times. However, when it comes to pushing your brows to pro-shape for a special event then they are probably the best choice ever :)

Copyright Buzzfeed.

Eyebrow extensions are still in!

Eyebrow extensions are still in!

If you are not fully satisfied with your eyebrows (like most of us), then the following is for you... All of us would want to have the eyebrows of Cara Delevingne, however we just don't! (Yes, we know it kinda suck, but let's now work with what we have :) ).

Girls at ProBrows made a little story based on material from Buzzfeed and other sources about how the brow extensions can change the quality of your brow-game :)

Before and after

Brow extensions are one of the easier ways to boost your brow-game and make your brows much thicker, lusher and also to change their shape. In the following story you'll see how that can be done by combining brow design with just a little bit of hair added to your brows.

In tomorrow's post we'll continue with a blow-by-blow description how brow extensions should be placed. And as the new ProBrows ultra-hight-quality brow extensions will reach the Scandinavian market soon, we'll most certainly hope you'll start experimenting that procedure with our products, then... :)

Till tomorrow ;)

Everyone who has grown eyebrows, knows excatly what we mean...

Everyone who has grown eyebrows, knows excatly what we mean...

Growing your eyebrows isn't easy - we all know it. In the following pictures you see the emotion that we know you've felt many times.


1. Sometimes you feel like you needed "EYEBROWS IN PROGRESS" sign on your forehead.

Copyright: Twitter: @MaddySullivan11

2. You've almost given up about 1000 times.

Copyright Twitter: @lindseymm_

3. You check out your old pictures to get some extra motivation

Copyright: Instagram: @www.online-instagram.com/user/x_peanutbuttercup_x/33414020/1054554939025446671_33414020.

4. You've been so fed up with the situation that you've surrendered and started tweezing again.

Copyright Instagram Ltd.

5. You need supreme willpower not to start plucking the first baby hair.

Copyright Twitter: @twinklouis.

6. You eat Biotin like your life depended on it.

Copyright Intagram Ltd.

7. You wake up with a ruined pillow, because you've put on so much castol-oil to your eyebrows before going to sleep.

Copyright Instagram Ltd.

8. You're so super-fed-up with growing those brows that you go for the biggest eyebrows ever.

9. You hang a Cara Delevingne picture on the wall hoping your eyebrows will start imitating hers.

Copyright Instagram Ltd.

10. And you keep on living for the day when you can upload the fabulous "before and after" pic of your brows.

About brow-classes, ordinary girls and all-nighters…

About brow-classes, ordinary girls and all-nighters…

Copyright ProBrows Europe.

Another cup of coffee… Caffeine - not healthy, we give you that but then again necessary - as Henry Rollins said: “The black blood of creativity”. What’s the time? Well, you don’t really want to know - something in between the time the steer-sweepers wake up and party-girls go to sleep. Ok, let’s get it on…


All that about me that drives the other people crazy has helped me grow the most…

Lately, we had a chance to have a chat with one rap-artist born and raised in Finland (yes, we’re spending quite a lot of time in Finland now :) ), who said that “All that about me that drives the other people crazy has helped me grow the most.”. When we asked what does he mean precisely, he claimed to have an urge to go for perfection, always, with every thing he does and with no freaking compromises. Sounds like a cliche? It most def does. However, the only reason we let it slip into this post is the following - when it comes to him and us, there’s enough truth to that to consider it legitimized. Thus the inner drive to achieve perfection can be so powerful that it literally changes our lives and the lives of others around us. What does it mean exactly? For doing something well or even really well you may need to spend X hours of time. To do something amazingly you may need twice as much time. Or even more. The last step, the distance from 95% to 100% may often require more input when it comes to time, effort and energy than achieving the first 95%. Nice to know, may you think now, but why the hell are you telling me that. The reason is simple - that is exactly what we’re doing right now when it comes to Brow-classes in Estonia and many other Scandinavian countries.


Ordinary gals never perform miracles…

Of course there’s principally nothing missing when it comes to the market of brow-classes and lash-classes, at the moment. People are coming, trainers train, all looks cool - much like it looked cool in the car market before Elon Musk and Tesla or in the tablets market before Steve Jobs and iPad. As we all know every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything…(please forgive as yet another cliche, we only used it because we truly believe so).

How did we get started? We looked through everything that was out there when it comes to brow- and lash trainings. We spoke to participants - asked them directly: what did you like about the class and after hearing that let them also speak about the things that could have been better. We learned a lot. After that the real work begun. We not only turned to many absolute brow- or lash professionals, but we also spoke to teaching professionals and acclaimed trainers. We were very blunt and said that we don’t really want to create the best brow-training in Estonia (that would have been a target which we had had an unaffected scorn for), but the best brow-training the Scandinavian region.

Their initial reaction was of course: “You’r absolutely crazy…”. Well, if we’d get a buck every time we hear that, we’d be… Enough about the cliches. Obviously we are barking mad, we told them, and unsurprisingly they nodded respectfully seconding the Finnish rapper-guy that said: “The fact you’re crazy is just freakin’ perfect (he didn’t actually use the word freakin’ but come on, even we don’t dare to be so descriptive), because ordinary gals don’t swing for the fences and thus they never perform miracles!”.

The loser now, will be later to win…

Many really influential idols of ours have said that most things in life can be thought of as either a Bob Dylan or a Beatles song and Dylan is something we’re listening to at the moment. Ok, what’s the point of that? When we had teamed up with many brow and lash artists and asked for advice from multiple training professionals, the hardest part of the real work begun. Together with four people that we feel utmost gratitude towards, because they pushed us to demand even more from ourselves, we composed training programs that allowed the participants to learn even more, more practically and in shorter time-frame than ever before. Sounds a bit over the top? Absolutely. However, we’ve tested that and it just works.

We realized that as the brow-business or lash-business is first and foremost business, brow-training has to be first of all a training (can’t emphasise the word “training” enough), where there’s the right learning atmosphere, participants feel that they’re involved in the process, acquiring practical skills is valued over theoretical material and the overall approach towards training and participants is a way different. We believe that there’s no point in hyping cool headlines of brow-classes or stress the value of diplomas or generate the overall hip-glamour-buzz around the whole thing. It’s all bunch of nonsense if there’s not enough substance in the core of the class that would be genuinely useful for the participants. A brow-training is useful only if it has enough substance. SUBSTANCE.

What does it mean exactly? This means that the material for the class is not copiedfrom various sources and just made to look cool. Both the contents and the process of the training have to be supremely practical and delivered in the right way not “read from the paper in a disturbingly numb way” (as many participants of the old-school brow-classes have described parts of the learning process). The participants have to be understood and got involved through empathy, emotion and caring attitude.

We enjoy the fact that we are new the gals in town, we enjoy the certain kind of underdog approach that drives us to do even more and most of all, we are sincerely thankful to all the professionals that have come to help us on our path to victory. We strive insanely hard to surprise you all in a positive way and if we have to choose, whilst moving towards that, between yet another Christmas-dinner-party-turning-into-pointless-wining-and-dining or pulling off a classic Elon Musk style all-nighter, then our choice is obvious for us. Uh, uh… we most certainly can’t be considered completely normal, but at least we’re most probably on the right path.

However, now we finally go to sleep and let our friend Ekke Lainsalu who also happens to be the most popular sales-trainer in Estonia to phrase his approach towards training we also share.

Copyright Ekke Lainsalu www.ekke.ee

Ekke Lainsalu: “I’ve told the gals many times that according to me the good trainer becomes great first and foremost for her ability to be emphatic. Meaning that she should really be able to step into the shoes of the participant and also the client of the participant: how do they feel? What would excite them? What would be truly useful to them? This skills is one of the most important ones in sales, communication and actually everywhere. And I’m pretty sure they’ve got the point.”.

Thanks for taking the effort to read the whole story and by no means trying to be rude to anyone, but at the same time being really blunt - if you're planning to make an investment into brow-training, then wait a bit, soon we'll publish our courses and we can assure you, those will be the new gold-standard in brow- and lash-training business.

Siiri Tabri
Brow professional and trainer

Annika Iso-oja
Brow professional

Microblading vs permanent tattooing 2.0 - The times they are changin’

Microblading vs permanent tattooing 2.0 - The times they are changin’

Copyright ProBrows Europe Ltd.

Oh, first let me make a honest confession… I’m not much of a writer or a blogger and probably the only thing that gives me a little piece of mind when writing this is that many individuals that have gone into writing and blogging lately are not much of a brow professionals either :) However, although there’s rarely anything new in the brow-business, let me give it a shot when it comes to stunning the readers. How? By being brutally honest about the subject for a change.

Lately, I became interested in the art of microblading and signed up to a class. Obviously doing all that got me really excited about all the posts and stories on the interwebs about the procedure. Most of it was good or neutral but then a stumbled upon one that was published (a funny happenstance just 5 days before the class) containing all sorts of crazy sounding warnings about the microblading procedure. Basically the authors reached the conclusion that microblading is entirely diabolic and will most probably ruin your eyebrows forever. Oh-oh… being a straight-shooter that I am let me just expand on that thought a little and thus the following is just my freaking opinion and should be taken as such.

Your eyebrows will turn blue and all your hair will fall off…

Just kidding, but not really… Hey, it really isn’t too hard to come up with insane headings that get the readers scared for a sec :) My first reaction when I was reading about eyebrows turning blue was obviously sincere laughter ‘cause I was sure this probs’ is a half-ass attempt of someone to be funny and stuff. But no! It was an actual article written by the microblading-haters (who are often also permanent tattoo lovers) that said: “microblading may ruin your eyebrows forever”. As the thought sounded really weird, I decided I need to do some research for starters… and I did. What were my findings? Bad news for all the blue-brow lovers - at least with the quality products it is entirely impossible to achieve that sort of result. I mean it’s literally impossible even if you really wanted. Why?

For starters, all quality pigments are natural, containing no poison or metals and that makes them dissolve in the skin anyway. And when something disappears it just disappears… sooner or later (and by later we are talking about months not decades) and it’s gone… Boof! Thus the thought of ruining your eyebrows forever with microblading can be considered perfect shenanigans that some bitter haters have come up with. Please get over it - you can’t turn them blue, nor ruin them forever.

And obviously the pigment structure isn't the only reason. The second one from the prominent ones would also be that trying to make the pigment stay in the skin for long enough to consider skin ruined would pre-suppose cutting the flesh really deep… and I mean really deep. Even if the most incompetent microblading sadist would want to do it, the patient wouldn’t be able to tolerate that sort of pain (at least whilst being alive). Thirdly, let’s be honest - there haven’t been too many cases when some microblading artist (even with the crappiest tools ever) would have achieved blue eyebrows and even thought the authors of the article try to convince everyone that such result would be a common occurrence, it’s not.  And as I also recall them saying it’s hard to find enough pics of healed brows,  I’m telling you - there are pretty damn much more healed brows out there than some freaky blue-ones. Respect the numbers, pretty please.

There are not enough after-shots of healed brows, because those look ugly - Really, here you go!

Copyright ProBrows Europe Ltd.

To get a first hand experience (pun intended) of how the microblading procedure result changes over time we decided to make an experiment ourselves - our own model, quality tools, natural pigments. Please see the healed result. Looking bad? Not really. Most would say, it’s pretty good. However, that’s not important. No single image is important, because you can always find the image to suit your story from the internet. Always. And if you really want to you can find pictures of microblading gone totally wrong as you can find movie clips of people hitting their head open with an ax when trying to break a log or someone falling down six times in a row on ice. If one would make the conclusion from seeing such things that all people are like that, it would be a pretty flawed way to think about the world - not only, to think like that would be actually utterly absurd and just unintelligent.

One should give a little thought about how stupid people would actually have to be in Europe and all over the world to want more and more microbladed brows, more and more microblading training and microblading related stuff, if the actual results would look like the ones on the worst pictures. If we’d want to believe that microblading is a huge scam and a series charades then we’d also have to believe that people as a whole are really stupid - collectively and incurably. You can find extreme examples from any field in life but if you take a look at the common results that are achieved with enough professionalism, the picture looks a way different. And that brings us to the very fact that annoys the microblading haters the most - when you look at how the market share of microblading has grown due to the overall average quality of the job and the market share of permanent tattooing has fallen, the critics tend to be silenced. Wait a minute, if I’m not mistaken, Robbie Williams used to sing about the same phenomena in his hit-song “Handsome Man”:

Give in and love it
What's the point in hating me
You can't argue with popularity
Well you could
But you'd be wrong :)

The approach that was popular in the past is not guaranteed to be popular in the future, or in another words…

The times they are changin’ …

For us it's a natural fact that old-school permanent eyebrow tattooing is steadily losing market share to microblading. However, the permanent tattooing lovers are not so cool about that. They are deeply hurt by this and there within lies the motivation to come up with all sorts of nonsense. Let’s make the things really easy. As Steve Jobs said: there are always vectors that are going up and vectors that are going down, you just have to choose which ones to be on. Microblading is a rising vector and permanent tattooing a declining one and just buying whole new expensive perm tattooing equipment won’t change that fact.

If that sort of logic would apply then people should drive vintage-cars only because those are more expensive and still move, and no-one should be allowed to buy Tesla because it’s prize is just too affordable. Self-destructing logic. As in L.Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland the untruth did not become the truth even if it was repeated 5 times in a row, permanent tattooing will not become more popular if it is just praised for false reasons over and over again. It’s a passed trend, something what was good while it lasted but is over now and you can still convince yourself to believe in it’s hype only if you surround yourself with other distorted minds.

And one last note - the gals critizising microblading decided not to start offering it in their salons. My reaction - cool! And not only, it is actually good news for me because I can create more microbladed brows for more clients in the future. Thank you very much, I’ve got no beef with that. The only thing I’ve got a little beef with regarding their statement is the whole dramatic let’s make the world a better place-story surrounding that decision. Come on! Everyone wants to make a profit, either with the state subsidisation or on their own, and if you choose other areas of business to do that, it’s fine, please just don’t try to make it look like you’re not interested in piling up more dough. I admit open-heartedly that I’m interested in making money with microblading. And I know I have to be very good to be able to do that. My future will obviously remain to be seen, however I’m convinced that at least I’ve chosen the right path.

And now you may ask, who the hell am I to stand up against the “experts” with such arrogance. Well, I’m just a gal that has participated in a microblading class and not yet graduated from that because I haven’t passed he examination yet - so basically, I stand at the exact same place as the ones that chose to critizise the microblading results claiming to be learned professionals. Or actually there is a little difference between me and them - I will start a microblading career soon and they… probs won’t :)

Siiri Tabri
ProBrows trainer and brow-artist

Annika Iso-oja
ProBrows brow-artist

Mission impossible: What is the right prize for microblading?

Mission impossible: What is the right prize for microblading?

As we are organizing microblading courses in Tallinn, we’ve been asked a lot how much is the microblading procedure going to cost for the clients in the future. In this post we’ll give it a try to zoom into this subject with the utmost rational mindset leaving aside all the emotions and controversial feelings it may arise. Of course we could produce a long story about the overall prize range of this service, however that would have little practical value to you. Our methods are a bit more unconventional and our approach (and sorry for that) is a way more direct. Here’s a concrete overview with actual arguments about how much should you pay for the microblading procedure.


MISSION: To find out how much exactly is reasonable to pay for the microblading procedure in the Scandinavian countries.

Easier asked than done as they say. However, this is exactly the mission we chose to ourselves. Fist of all we wanted to find out what is going on in the marked and gettinglarge dose of inspiration from the new movie MI we sent our field-agents out under cover. Yes, they pretended to be clients and started an intensive search for all microblading service providers in all of the Nordic countries to ask a simple question: “How much do you charge for the service?”.  We wanted to clarify what is the actual market prize of microbladingin then Scandinavian region.  Now youmay wonder of course that is it even possible to find out a ‘market prize’ of service that is so new and rather uncommon prepared to ordinary services such as nail or eyelash case. Well, this is the mission we chose and this ise the mission we succeeded in. Here are the results brought to you loud and clear on a silver plate.


SERVICE: What exactly are you getting.

So that we would not start comparing apples to nuclear bombs (I guess there is a saying like that, when it comes to avoiding comparison of things that cannot and should not be compared, if not I just coined it), we determined for what service exactly are we looking quotes for. Namely, it was a microblading full procedure that consists of consultation, brow design, actual blading and a re-touching procedure after about one month. This means that the price has to include all of that and that there should be no necessary half-hidden services that the client has to pay for the get the microblading procedure done. In a word: a full solution from 0 to 100 as they say that results in new microbladed brows that last for a year. To make comparison possible we left out any sort of additional procedures that will be carried out after a year- all clear and easy we pushed the pedal to the metal and started dialing for dollars…

The results as you might imagine where very different and many providers even pegged us later on not to write about this stuff so directly. Obviously, we asked them to forget about such nonsensical requests and divided the providers into 3 groups according to the fees they were asking for the procedure.


Blackish market from 99 to 150 euros.

As in every field of action on our Planet Earth there are also pretty interesting gals providing the microblading services for strangely low prices. Usually their pitch is the following: ‘I know how it goes, I’ve studied it and I can get it done…” The tools they’re usually using are cheapish and ‘made in China’. They rarely carry full kits and usually their stuff (when it comest to measurement tools if they even use those, pigments and aftercare) look to be composed from several different sources. You can only wish and pray that the pigments they use are natural because even they themselves can not really be 100% certain of that.

Obviously such service providers to not work in large salons, they can mostly be found working at home or sharing a little place with several others. And now, the prize: shocking or not, you can get the full service for 99 euros (approx. $110) . Cheap. There is no question whatsoever that this prize is cheap. At the same time of course there are risks that you may not want to take. We at least got an opinion that when you strive for optimizing every little thing you may well find yourself over-optimizing the important things that actually should not be cut.

Let’s pre-suppose that such service providers do not have any ill intentions (and actually they may not have!) the quality of the end-result still gets compromised. Why? There are three concrete reasons: low-quality materials, limited skill-set and questionable tools.

Low-quality materials. If a person has ordered the materials (such as pigments) herself there is actually no guarantee what those consist of. To which that you get supreme quality and to believe that the label that some no-name provider has given you about the products describes exactly and without errors the actual ingredients can be compared to winning a lottery by buying one ticket and hoping for the best. In the better case the pigment may just be cheap and fade away quickly. In the worst case scenario it has a lot of heavy metals in it and the so called ‘semi’ permanent blading may result in ‘not-so-semi’ permanent tattoo. Combined with the other possible flaws you may end up with let’s say two different and rather ugly-looking brows that just refuse to fade away in a year. How’s that for a bargain? Not too sexy, we’d say. We really believe that this is not a sure bet, it is rather a very long shot to get perfect materials from such service provider and you are up agains ugly odds becoming a lab-rat with some strange stuff sliced into you.

Un-sufficient training. The far majority of the service providers that ask for low fees have simply also optimised their costs when it comes to training. What does it mean exactly? They just have not passed a more expensive course and have become so-called self-proclaimed professionals by watching clips on the internet and studying material about microblading. Of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with such attitude and we do admire their drive the problem is that during an intensive course, such as SharpBrows Microblading Academy true professionals point out all the mistakes a student makes and a diploma can only be reached after completing tons of work after the class fist on skin-simulation and then on real human beings. In a word it is freaking hard and lengthy process with lots of ups and downs and pre-supposing the learning curve is not steep in this field is a fools errand. For a self-proclaimed professional you are the skin-simulation where she has her much-needed practice and once again you might want to reconsider stepping into this role.

Cheap tools (or rather interesting-looking and funny tools that have questionable quality). Creating and producing the right tools that can be used for microblading is a science on its own. For example the head of the blading tool, the positioning and exact number of micro-needles, the length and angle of those, the ways the tool is cured to achieve a perfectly curved shape etc is not something you ‘just can reproduce’ by trying to wing it by putting together a cheap tool that looks more or less like the one in the videos. For a variety of reasons there is usually no financial point for a service provider that asks for a very low 99 euro fee to buy herself a top-shelf solution like the one of SharpBrows for example and she is content with using fake tools. In a word: risky. Especially for you. That is nor a place or time you’d actually want to have over-optimized. When you win just one latte per week for a year you may lose something much more important: your brow-game. So what would then be a reasonable prize to pay?

Reasonable prize: 225 - 275 euros.

Different approaches to economics of providing the service. When it comes to the Scandinavian region there a quit a bit of professionals already that have truly mastered this service passing hard course and completing the required examinations. That allows those professionals to have a steady inflow on new clients, they do their work on a daily basis and are able to achieve a reasonable income level due to that. Such professionals (and we know what we’re talking about because our professionals at ProBrows are among those) do not need to hit a smaller number of clients with huge service fees. That would not just pay off. They rather have a bit larger number of clients to maintain their skill-set and advance as microblading professionals. In addition to that practice has shown that this way a larger income can be insured when it comes to a longer period of time.

Client flow. The best and pretty much the only way to get new clients when it comes to microblading is just to create magnificent brows to the existing clients. No matter how hard someone would market their skills if there are no satisfied customers it all falls apart. It is absolutely no science that satisfied customers do become the best salesmen and those professionals that generate a larger number of such clients are able to spend less on the traditional ways and means of advertising. They just don’t have to do it because the customers simply come to them. Sounds too good to be true? It might. However, it is a fact and we’ve got a track record to prove it - we have served customers from all Scandinavian countries and we continue to do that. Why? Because it just pays off for them to come here for the service and it pays off for us to provide it. Simple as that.

Focus. What we found out doing our research was also that the professionals that are able to maintain their prize level are a great deal more focused on microblading compared to many other large salons that provide tons of other services in addition to that. We found out (and somewhat surprisingly, by the way) that large salons that have a long list of services they provide somehow tend to list microblading with higher prices. The only plausible conclusion that could be drawn from that according to our humble opinion is that they have less focus on this service, providing that is related to higher overall costs and they need to keep the prizes higher to cover much higher fixed cost that is related to keeping doors open. The less there is focus on specific services the higher are the cost related to each service and the more the client has to cover overall expenses.

Now, let’s move on to the category that we found to be quite large and consisting of many different and interesting service providers…


Viciously expensive: 350 + Euros.

The number of service providers in this category was much larger than we thought at first and quite many of those were also asking a lot more than 350 euros for the microblading procedure. It was not uncommon that the prices even started with 5, 6 or 7. Obviously these service providers are professional - not a question about that. Many of those had attended similar courses to the ones our professionals have attended. We could talk about the importance of quality till the end of days, however when it comes to higher tier service providers that all is pretty elementary. All of the good ones are learnt people, they have all suffered the pain of learning from their mistakes and they all have mentors that are risking their reputation when giving the much desired certificates. All clear when it comes to that. However, it does not make too much sense to pay for the exact same result a way more. Why?  Once again there is more than one reason for that.

Same thing, different prize. It is absolutely normal that a LV handbag costs a way more than the one you find in H&M. However, if somebody would go to LV store, buy and handbag and then offer that to you for the prize twice as hight as the original buying prize that may well rise your eyebrow. If the result is professional and looks the same, all the tools are of highest quality and pigments used 100% natural containing no heavy metals, then why on earth should you pay more? We wouldn’t. The extra money you pay for the service just doesn’t show anywhere else but on your bank-account statement.

Rational reasons vs sponsoring somebody’s lifestyle. Every servicer provider does have reasonable costs related to providing the microblading service. I.e. she has to have an easy to access comfortable salon with all the needed equipment, professional tools, supporting personnel and what have you. However, there is a rational limit to these costs and we know what we’re talking about. When you add a reasonable profit expectation to these fixed costs and divide it by clients per month you would usually get much lower price level than the one that many service providers are on. What does it mean then exactly for you as the client? Basically it just means that the extra money the salon owner or the service provider makes on you can be spent on anywhere else that is not related to enhancing the quality of the service and in often cases that’s just his or her lifestyle. In a nutshell it means that they make an extra profit on you just because you’re willing to pay. In a way there’s nothing wrong with that and in a way there is. As we do not do it ourselves, it just doesn’t feel right for us. It it feels ok for you, you’re welcome to spend whatever you wish.

Wrong argumentation. Many of the providers that asked for much higher prices for the procedure also tried to give us a solid explanation about why they are doing so. Amongst other reasons those three came to forefront: a) we’ve made very height expenses getting the right to provide this service, b) that is the average price in this region for microblading, c) there are service providers (i.e. in London) that ask even more. Basically those reasons sound kind of right but when you bother to zoom deeper into the reasoning behind those you’ll understand that those all are based on pretty loose assumptions that are not necessarily true. The prize of the microbladingservice is different in each country and therefore we can only talk about an average price level in this specific country. If the service prize has to be higher due to overall economical criteria (such as tax-rates etc) then this bares a solid relation to this specific county only and in case it takes just a couple of hours to get the service from another place (such as Tallinn, Estonia), it does not mean necessarily that the prize should be higher here.


Wait a minute, you are absolutely biased because you’re offering this service, too!

That is something that you may think now and you’re absolutely correct. We are biased because we try to sell the same service. However, in addition to that we’re also pretty straight forward, blunt and open about that. When we first came out with the microblading service for our clients we had to position the price and make some weighty decisions. Of course, we could have gone for a bigger short term profit and pushed the prizes as high as possible explaining that using the arguments listed above but we didn’t. We decided to be straight shooters and so open about it that it gets our competitors scared. And now, months into providing the service successfully and having created tens of pair of microbladed brows we can say that this attitude has paid off.

Our prize has always been in between 225-250 euros and ordering the service from the web it is solid 225 and will remains so. That is how we roll and that is why many have preferred us.



Why clients prefer microblading?

Why clients prefer microblading?

As you may know more and more girls from different countries come to get microbladed brows from us. As we always ask them what is the main reason they have decided to go for the microblading we’ve gathered quite a bit of information about that. Here, in this post we’ve listed the some of the reasons we’ve heard the most. Hope that it’s an interesting read if you’ve given some thought about getting your brows done.


1. Naturally thin or flimsy brows.

Unfortunately not all of us are blessed with the Cara Delevingne style super-brows. Girls are different as well as is pretty different the way their brow-hair grow. Thus if you have not inherited naturally perfect brows microblading might just be the right kind of magic move that kicks your brow-game to a whole new level. That same reasoning applies also to girls whose brows have been damaged by an unfortunate accident or illness.


2. Comfort.

The second important reason why girls have chosen to get microbladed brows is the fact that this makes their life a way easier. And we have to admit they are right - life with microbladed brows is just magically easy when it comes to day-to-day brow-care. You don’t have to worry what state your brow game is in because it’s always killing it. Of course, you could get the same sort of result with permanently tattooed brows, however there are several minor and not so minor reasons why you should prefer microblading (we’ve talked about this in our post: Microblading vs permanent tattooing). Combined with comfort many girls have also mentioned that microblading allows them to save - namely they’ve cut down pretty heavily all the expenses that were related to taking care of their brows regularly.


3. Perfect shape

Many girls have told us that the main reason they chose microblading was the fact that they wanted perfectly shaped brows. There’s a lot of truth to that too. The SharpBrows tools we use to measure the perfect shape, size and placement of the eyebrow are extremely precise and although there’s a lot of mathematics involved the results speak for themselves. Perfectly shaped eyebrows do not only look great they change the overall appearance of the face.

4. Attractiveness.

Attractiveness falls obviously into the category of emotional reasons. However. it’s also absolutely true. Microbladed brows make your brow-game excellent and also change the appearance of the whole brow area. This is achieved largely due to very precise and thin lines that remain supremely clear, visible and draw attention to your eyebrows. We’ve also found out that far majority of men consider microbladed brows to be more attractive than ordinary (although they’ve got no idea of course about different brow technologies or ways brows can be designed :) ).


5. Health.

Microbladed brows are obviously healthier than permanently tattooed brows - this is a fact that is well established and proven. However, there is another important phenomena that makes microbladed brows healthier - namely you need a lot less brow-care during the year after the procedure and this means that you’re going to use a lot less any sort of damaging substances on the skin of your brow area. The same logic applies to extensive care - as you need that a lot less during one year the health of your brow hair and -skin improves dramatically.


6. Positive attention.

Believe it or not, a large number of girls listed that as an accountable reason to have microblading done. They are not wrong because it has been well proven that your brows will start receiving a lot more attention after the procedure. What’s even better this attention is received for the right reasons (and not because your brows looked funny, damaged or over-plucked as has happened to many of us in some stages of our lives). Compared to perms the result looks also perfect and balances when you have less makeup on (with perms you need to have quite a lot of makeup on all the time if you want your facial features to be in balance).


7. Trendy look.

As we all know microblading has become more and more popular all over the world. In addition to that it has become more and more recognisable. This means that when you have microblading done you do not need to hide this fact. On the contrary - you can proudly wear your new brows and enjoy the attention you are getting. Although microbladed brows are a result of brow technique excellence combined with professional artwork, they are also trendy. And the stats show that this trend is not going to slow down - it has all the signs of growing even bigger.

If you decide to have microblading done, we can suggest you to find a true professional whether it’s us or some other girls that have passed true microblading course. However, if you want our help, you’re more than welcome to book us right now.


How to cope with new brows?

How to cope with new brows?

As the number of girls and women that have received new Sharpbrows microblading brows from our ProBrows professionals is growing constantly we decided to write an article about the do-s and don’t-s regarding the recovery process after the procedure. We most certainly hope that you’ll find this post useful when you just want to know more about microblading or when you have agreed an appointment and want to make sure that your healing process will be carried out flawlessly.

1. Be aware of the stages of the recovery process.

The more you know about the process the easier it is for you to cope with that. Basically the healing process can be divided into 3 stages: 1) healing of the irritation on the surface layers of the skin; 2) the falling and peeling off of the dead skin tissue; 3) the fading of the pigment. During the 2-4 weeks after the procedure you will experience all these phases. Please do not hesitate to ask our microblading professionals every thing you might want to know regarding that.


2. Be gentle to your brows and do not peel off the dead tissue yourself.

The skin around and on top of your brows can become pretty sensitive and this is especially so during the first 24 hours after the microblading procedure. If you wish to wash your brows do it with clear water and very gently avoiding any sort of heavier pressure on the skin of the brow area. After the procedure there may be some tiny dry bits and pieces that consist of dead tissue, blood and pigment. Most clients will feel an irresistible temptation to start scratching or peeling those off gently. Do not do that! Limit touching brows to washing them gently with lukewarm water. To cope with that mildly irritating feeling you may repeat the washing procedure every couple of hours. On the first day after the procedure (and also on the procedure day) youmay want to press a soft moist cotton towel on your brows.


3. Rub calming oil and balsam into your brows.

Many of our clients have found calming oil and creams to be the beast solution to calm the initial irritation and fight the itching feeling on the brow area. The best oils we suggest to use are oils of: grapefruit seed, sweet almond, jojoba or coconut. We will also give all our clients calming skin balsam that will help you your brow skin to recover faster. On the first week after the procedure you should use it 3-4 times a day and even more often on the first couple of days.


4. Protect your new brows!

Whilst you should not apply any sort of lotions or conditioners to your microbladed eyebrows if those are bleeding or your skin is ultra sensitive. However, when your healing has progressed normally, it is smart to protect the pigment that has been applied into your skin by using silicon based products. This is especially important when you enjoy spa procedures or go to a swimming pool. Chlorine and other chemicals may have a negative effect on your brows because the pigment used for the quality microblading procedure is completely natural and dissolves faster when harder chemicals get into a direct reaction with that.


5. Stay away from the solarium and intensive skin creams.

We suggest you not to go for any sort of solarium procedure at least for a week after the microblading procedure. That suggestion also applies to going to the direct heavy sunlight. Getting too much sun will have a negative effect on the pigment that has been inserted into the top layers of your skin during the microblading procedure. If freshly completed microbladed brows are exposed to direct sunlight too much the pigment may fade off quite a bit resulting in somewhat uneven color of the bladed brows and a need for a heavier touchup.

6. Avoid intensive sweating and swimming.

At least for a week after the procedure we suggest you to avoid any sort of physical activities that result in heavy sweating due to the change of your body temperature. That applies to sauna, swimming, intensive workout, bathing etc. In addition to sweating going to public pool may also have a negative effect on your new brows because of the chlorine that is mixed into the pool-water. Although there’s little or no remarkable negative effect from such circumstances for most of the girls, depending on the unique texture of your skin that sort of exposure to sweating or chlorine may cause complications and worsen the quality of the microblading procedure.


7. Be careful with any sort of medical procedures.

If you happen to be a blood donor do inform the experts in your donating centre about the microblading procedure you’ve had. Depending largely on the opinion of the blood centre specialist your blood may be refused for 3 up to even 6 months after the procedure (the experience of our clients suggests that this however happens rarely and the blood is good to go in weeks :) ). In addition to that procedures that involve using different kinds of laser technologies may have to be postponed for some time if the provider of such procedures so decides. Please always inform your doctor and the providers of any sort of other medical procedures about the microblading treatment you’ve had.  Do not presuppose that everyone will reckon you’ve had the microblading procedure themselves.


8. No brow makeup and anti-aging creams.

At least for a week (preferably for 10 days) after the procedure we suggest you not to apply any sort of makeup on your brows. Also, do not use anti-aging creams on your brow area until the initial cuts have healed. Keep any intensive creams off your brow area and be sure to be careful with the creams the ingredients of which you do not know.


9. Do not consider the result of the initial procedure to be final.

Many of our clients have experienced mild anxiety when they have studied how the color of the pigment fades a little during the fist couple of weeks after the procedure. This is completely normal and there is no need to worry because of that. In the beginning the cut-lines may sometimes look a bit uneven, as well as the color of the pigment will most probably change quite significantly during the first month after the procedure. Keep in mind that the actual result can be evaluated correctly only after the touchup (re-touching) procedure has also been performed.


10. Do not hesitate to contact our microblading professionals.

There are no stupid questions and whenever you feel the need to ask anything from our microblading professionals please just do so. You can be sure that we have heard the weirdest and silliest of all questions already and the things you may want to need to know sound absolutely normal to us. Microblading technique is pretty new thing and there is no need to risk the quality of your brows by swinging it when it comes to aftercare. Just use the personal contacts of the SharpBrows microblading professional that carried out the procedure on your precious brows.


How to prepare for microblading?

How to prepare for microblading?

Copyright ProBrows Europe.

As we are carrying out more and more microblading procedures we decided to add a little blow-by-blow instruction to all the clients that are coming or planning to come to get SharpBrows microblading from our ProBrows professionals.


1. Get an idea of what’s going to happen.

First, we just suggest you to read about microblading. You are very welcome to do it on our site. Just get an overview of what the procedure is all about, how it is carried out and what are the most common questions regarding that. You can start with our article ‘All you wanted to know about microblading’.


2. Be prepared for little redness.

Better safe than sorry they say :) Yes, although there is very very rarely any serious redness we still suggest you to prepare for some redness on your brows that may occur just after the procedure. Different types of skin react differently to the procedure so just keep that in mind when making plans for the next couple of hours after the microblading appointment.


3. Come to the procedure with minimal makeup.

Please do not put on a heavy makeup on the day of the appointment. This does not mean of course that you should not have any makeup on, normal daily make up is totally ok. Also, we suggest you not to put on any makeup on your brows.


4. Be careful with the following medications.

There are certain medications we suggest you not to take within the 48 h before the procedure. These are for example: Aspirin, Ibuprofen and also other pain-killers. Also we suggest you to avoid medications that have any other strong effect on your body.


5. Consuming alcohol before the procedure.

It would be just perfect if you would not have any sort of drink within the 48h before the procedure. In case you have consumed a larger amount of alcohol on the night before the procedure we suggest you to move the appointment to the next day.


6. Please avoid products that contain Retin A (tretinoin).

In case you are using products that contain a significant amount of Retin A (tretinoin) we suggest you to cut down the usage of those one month before the procedure. This however concerns the brow area only. Basically when you know when your appointment time is coming up, just cut down using these products on your brow area. That also concerns products that contain a significant amount of A-vitamine.


 7. Please avoid AHA skincare products before the procedure.

This concerns the week before the procedure. We suggest you to avoid skincare products that contains Alpha-hydroxy-acid. In addition to that we also suggest you to cut down the usage of anti-aging products on your brow area two weeks prior to the appointment.


8. If you are a blood-donor.

It is not in your best interest to go donate blood on the appointment day. Basically that might just strain your body too much and you might start feeling weak. As well as there may be some issues regarding the contents of your blood the day after the procedure, so skip donating then too.


9. Threading and other brow procedures.

To achieve the best result regarding microblading you should not thread your brows one weeek prior to the appointment. In addition to threading that actually concerns also other brow care procedures, such as heavier tweaking etc. As well as please do not have your brows waxed on the week prior to the appointment.


10. Be open about your allergies or chronic illnesses.

Be sure to tell our microblading professional everything you consider even mildly important about the chronic illnesses or allergies you might have. Please list everything you know about cosmetic substances that have had a negative effect on your skin. Be aware that you are obligated to fill in an additional statement about the sate of your health and everything affecting that (such as pregnancy etc) in the salon.

In case you follow all these instructions, we are absolutely sure that you’ll be perfectly fine when coming to get your SharpBrows microblading.


Microblading vs permanent tattooing

Microblading vs permanent tattooing

We must admit that the interest in microblading procedure has grown day by day :) As many girls have asked us what makes microblading actually different from permanent tattooing, we’ll try to give a more detailed answer to that in this post.

To provide you with credible information we talked to many professionals that have learned both techniques and thus the following relies on their arguments to most extent. So is microblading better than perm and if it is then why? Yes, it is and there are three major reasons why.


1. Duration - Actually you don’t really want to make decisions that last till you die.

During the ordinary tattooing process chemicals are pressed deep inside your skin. Many layers of skin tissue is broken down to achieve a result that would last forever. Thus the idea of tattooing in the common and permanent way is to make it impossible for the body to dissolve the chemicals so that they would actually stay inside the skin forever. A simple fact is that tattoos last forever no matter where they are placed on your body and therefore permanently tattooed eyebrows are in reality practically impossible to change or correct (no matter what some people might tell you in their most Pollyanna state of mind.

During the years a lot can change and most probably you have also experienced that when it comes to your life. Many things that you might have considered to be hype five years ago look now absolutely absurd. Therefore many professionals simply state that going for permanently tattooed eyebrows is just too risky, trends change, your body changes, your facial featured change quite a bit and also ideal eyebrows (at least ideal from your point of view) might also change. Tattoos don’t change and therein lies the problem. With microblading you don’t have such problems because you can change the result in a year which is according to many an exactly optimal timeframe.


2. Accuracy - Who cares about details? Everyone!

Let’s separate emotions from facts now and take a pragmatic look into what is actually happening during tattooing and during microblading. To enable a tattoo to stay on your skin forever several deeper layers of skin tissue are broken down. It is not a question of interpretation it’s a fact. This also means that it is required to add much more ink into the skin to fill in the broken parts of the tissues. What does that result into? Amongst other things simply the process of making a permanent tattoo is prone to much more mistakes and inaccuracies than microblading. No matter how professional the artist is, this inaccuracy is caused by the simple fat that the process itself is different and much less exact. When you studied a tattoo under a microscope you saw how exactly the ink is pressed out of the skin through the surface layers and thus also how the edges of there micro-wounds get wavy. That waviness and inaccuracy related to that progresses over time and as they say - wait, there is more… It progresses specially on some parts of the body where the texture of skin issoft (the skin between your fingers and toes etc). Unfortunately brow area is also one of those regions on your body.

Microblading touches only the surface layers of your body and the actual blade that is used truly is microscopic (the blade you can see, consists of 16 extremely thin blades). Therefore it is possible to generate such lines and arches with this technique that would simply be impossible to achieve with any other technique (permanent tattooing being amongst many).


3. Attractiveness - what is even better that natural looking? Something that is so natural that you don’t have to fake it look more natural than it is.

Ok, we have to admit this reason here sounds a bit more emotional and it totally is. However, it’s also absolutely true. Namely, thin accurate and very exact lines on your body and especially on parts of your body where those are very well seen make those areas look attractive. Compared to fully filled areas the difference is immense - the more detailed patters just generate some sort of additional attractiveness.

The very reason why many women consider microblading brows to be very sexy is the following: compared to many other techniques that try to achieve natural looking result, you do not have to strive for that when it comes to microblading. What do we mean? Microblading is sexy and natural-looking as it is! You do not have to be ashamed of the fact that you have had microblading done. On the contrary: you can be proud of it - it is an enhancement of your looks exactly as it is and there is no reason whatsoever to hide it or to try to make it look different or more natural.

These arguments were entirely based on what many pros told us and to tell you the truth we asked these questions quite a long time ago when we at ProBrows wanted to make a strategical decision as to what procedures to include into our selection of services. We chose to start co-operating with SharpBrows and we are very satisfied with out decision.


All you ever wanted to know about microblading

All you ever wanted to know about microblading

First and foremost you still have to understand that microblading in its essence is not permanent brow tattooing that many other much more stagnant salons provide. Here in ProBrows we would actually never go into tattooing brows permanently into the skin of our clients because that is greatly against our basic principles. However, as microblading is not permanent tattooing, we have gone into that deep and can well call ourselves proudly professionals in this field. Now, the questions and our answers :)


What exactly is this microblading?

Microblading is a brow design approach that allows to maintain the personality and beauty of the natural brows of the client. During the microblading procedure a thin layer of pigment is sliced into the surface layers of the skin. The pigment we use in co-operation withSharpBrows is also 100% natural thus it does not hurt the skin nor does it provoke any unnecessary reactions from the body. Although this procedure is a little like tattooing there is a major difference between microblading procedure and permanently tattooed eyebrows. Namely brows created with the microblading technology will dissolve within about one year. This means that the results usually last for a good year and after approximately 10-12 months the color fades away. Thus it is a natural way to make a tattoo and something in between heavier brow design and henna :)


How long do the results last?

Microblading lasts for a year. That is what our experience shows and that is also what SharpBrows Microblading has proposed as the optimal period the results should last. However the quality of the result an well as longevity greatly depends on the quality of the job done (well, we always suggest to go to a pro for microblading because when someone messes up your eyebrows you don’t really want the result to last even for a year :) ). Usually the procedure has to be repeated once a year and some occasional lighter retouching may be needed once in while.


How often do I need to renew my eyebrows after having microblading done?

As said, a well done microblading has to be renewed only once a year and that has also been our experience. Some girls have claimed that to be “pretty often” and according to that mindset also Christmas’s and birthdays appear in our lives “pretty often”. We strongly believe that eyebrows are hyper-important and to keep them looking perfect for a year with one renewal procedure is a barging in any and all ways according to our experience. However, we suggest to come for a quick aftercare and consultation after approximately 10 months of the first year. Retouching does not hurt and it just enhances your looks.


“Retouching does not hurt?!” What do you mean? Is the initial procedure painful?

Of course, it depends greatly on your pain tolerance but generally we can say: definitely not. If you have ever had a “real” tattoo then these procedures can definitely not be compared to each-other. Microblading is a total walk in the park compared to a real tattoo when it comes to causing pain to the client. However, just to make it even more convenient we use different numbing creams in different phases of the procedure. Many clients have said that microblading causes far less inconvenience and pain to them than for example heavy threading. Thus you don’t even have to kick in you power-girl mojo to take this step. It’s just a different sort of feeling and may be a little itchy but it’s not painful.


So what does this procedure exactly look like and how do I need to prepare for that?

One of the many pro-s of microblading is the fact that it can be done practically “on the fly”. What do we mean by that? In a word: it doesn’t require any special preparation or mysterious preliminaries. That may also be the reason why some of our clients from other countries, let’s say Finland, have woken up with an idea to get microblading brows done and in the evening they have already walked out of our microblading salon happy with the job done. Although, of course, if you want to know more about all the nuances regarding prepping for the thing you can read a whole article dedicated to that.


How long exactly does the procedure last?

Usually the whole thing is over in 20 minutes. Just kidding! As a rule microblading can take up to 2 hours and if it is your first time then you can also count on it taking the 2 hours. Why? Because we don’t rush. Our fist and foremost important goal is to achieve professional results, thus we take our time. 2 hours include preparation, designing the brows and getting the actual microblading done. As this a procedure that affects your looks for an entire year you should not under any circumstances consider 2h to be too long :)

What do I have to do after the procedure? 

In a word: nothing special :) Obviously you need to keep your skin and brow hair clean and dry, avoid extensive exposure to sun and not go to the pool. However, all our clients get a thorough material about the do-s and don’t-s after the procedure. In addition to that we’ve also written a blow-by-blow article about that.


Do I need to take the day off for the procedure?

Well, I you come from abroad as many of our clients do, then yes. Otherwise, no :) It is not uncommon at all that a girl comes to the procedure on her lunch-break and then just skips a couple hours of work. What is actually important is the following: you don’t look messed up after microblading and you can calmly return to work without being afraid that you co-workers consider that appearance to be a lame Halloween joke :) We’ve seen girls that that have looked really beaten up after a perm-tattoo session and thus we can assure you: microblading is nothing like that and you’ll be perfectly fine-looking after the session. Just be prepared for a lot of questions about your ‘new brows’ from your coworkers.


How long does it take for my skin to fully recover?

Usually a week up to 10 days. You can be sure that smaller bits and pieces of your brow skin will fly off during that time. It takes around one month for the pigment to set in completely and therefore, if needed, we will also perform a little touch-up after a month. When you decide to go for a procedure that includes the touchup you can be sure that the result is just perfect!


Ok, sounds convincing, however, I want to know what exactly happens on my skin during the procedure?

When we zoom deep into the actual procedure of microblading we come across the following three phases: design, the actual process and fine-touching. Thus during the first phase we will design you perfect brows. This means that we use the special tools to measure the different parts of your brow-line, as well as your facial features and draw so-called ‘new brows’ to on your skin. When you see and approve the design we’ll suggest you pigments that match with the color of your skin and hair the best.

During the ‘blading’ phase we use a special SharpBrows microblading blade that actually consists of 11-14 tiny blades to slice the pigment into the surface layers of tour skin. As this phase looks a bit like tattooing many people may get the false idea that there is something in common when it comes to perm tattoos and microblading. However, that’s the integral part of the procedure and it indeed results in you having ‘perfect new brows’.

During the fine-touching phase we use different calming creams on your skin and tell you all about what is going to happen in the following days. You will get fully prepared to cope with your changed looks and take the best care of your new microbladed brows.


Is there still something awful that can happen to me after the procedure?

Well, it depends of wether you follow the instructions or not :) The most important thing is to keep your skin dry and clean. This means that you should not jump into a pool within a couple of days after the procedure. As well as we suggest you not to go in for physical activities that cause heavy sweating. Solarium is a big no-no for at least 72 hours. In addition to that you should keep your fingers off your new brows (sounds a bit childish, doesn’t it? :) ) However, no touching! We all know that the skin starts really itch and you want to peel off smaller pieces of dead skin, however you shouldn’t do that! No super-strong anti-aging creams or other anti-aging stuff, a lot of keep-calm attitude, and we should be perfectly fine :)


Is there anyone that can not or should not go for microblading?

There are some rare types of skin that does not react to microblading well. However, you can be sure that you know it before even considering going for microblading because then you also usually have all sorts of other problems with your skin. There have been a couple of clients we have turned down because of especially oily skin, however, this means that the skin must be really remarkably and unusually oily. You should not go fot microblading if you have moles close to your brows and also when there are large capillaries or keratosis in your brow area.


What if I don't like the result?

Well that may happen, however that has never happened to us (knocking on wood :) ). The chances that you will discover after the procedure that the brows you got are not at all as you imagined them to be, are really slim. Why? Because during the design phase you’ll get a pretty good idea how your new brows are going to look like. In addition to that let’s not forget that we always start with through consultation when you step into our salon. We will discuss each and every step, talk about and agree on the brow design and color and let you have your word. However, we have heard some horror-stories about microbladed brows that look bad and therefore there is only one great and sure way to avoid this problem: have a professional do your brows! Whether you choose us or any other truly professional, let’s say someone else from the SharpBrows system, you can be sure you get a perfect result. When you go for a hyper-discounted knockoff you’re on your own babe, as they say :) And if something terrible happens the person who generated this chaos on your forehead can also take a lot less responsibility cause his or her name is not connected to any significant brand.


Why do women usually go for microblading?

Girls choose microblading for various reasons and of course we could explain in detail how microblading allows damaged eyebrows look perfect or why microblading is undeniably the best practice to make naturally slim and thin brows look great. In addition we could tell a lot about how easy microblading makes taking care of your brows during one year and how much time you save due to that - wow, can you imagine :) However, that is all obvious. What we will say you on top of that all is the this - the experience of our clients has proven the following: microblading makes your brows look attractive! And that by the way is also a response from several men that have seen the dramatic change of the eyebrows of their wives of girlfriends. Woman just looks better and more attractive after getting microblading done. Thus we can proudly say that microblading indeed is a gift that keeps on giving.