Growing your eyebrows isn't easy - we all know it. In the following pictures you see the emotion that we know you've felt many times.


1. Sometimes you feel like you needed "EYEBROWS IN PROGRESS" sign on your forehead.

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2. You've almost given up about 1000 times.

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3. You check out your old pictures to get some extra motivation

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4. You've been so fed up with the situation that you've surrendered and started tweezing again.

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5. You need supreme willpower not to start plucking the first baby hair.

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6. You eat Biotin like your life depended on it.

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7. You wake up with a ruined pillow, because you've put on so much castol-oil to your eyebrows before going to sleep.

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8. You're so super-fed-up with growing those brows that you go for the biggest eyebrows ever.

9. You hang a Cara Delevingne picture on the wall hoping your eyebrows will start imitating hers.

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10. And you keep on living for the day when you can upload the fabulous "before and after" pic of your brows.