If you are not fully satisfied with your eyebrows (like most of us), then the following is for you... All of us would want to have the eyebrows of Cara Delevingne, however we just don't! (Yes, we know it kinda suck, but let's now work with what we have :) ).

Girls at ProBrows made a little story based on material from Buzzfeed and other sources about how the brow extensions can change the quality of your brow-game :)

Before and after

Brow extensions are one of the easier ways to boost your brow-game and make your brows much thicker, lusher and also to change their shape. In the following story you'll see how that can be done by combining brow design with just a little bit of hair added to your brows.

In tomorrow's post we'll continue with a blow-by-blow description how brow extensions should be placed. And as the new ProBrows ultra-hight-quality brow extensions will reach the Scandinavian market soon, we'll most certainly hope you'll start experimenting that procedure with our products, then... :)

Till tomorrow ;)