We must admit that the interest in microblading procedure has grown day by day :) As many girls have asked us what makes microblading actually different from permanent tattooing, we’ll try to give a more detailed answer to that in this post.

To provide you with credible information we talked to many professionals that have learned both techniques and thus the following relies on their arguments to most extent. So is microblading better than perm and if it is then why? Yes, it is and there are three major reasons why.


1. Duration - Actually you don’t really want to make decisions that last till you die.

During the ordinary tattooing process chemicals are pressed deep inside your skin. Many layers of skin tissue is broken down to achieve a result that would last forever. Thus the idea of tattooing in the common and permanent way is to make it impossible for the body to dissolve the chemicals so that they would actually stay inside the skin forever. A simple fact is that tattoos last forever no matter where they are placed on your body and therefore permanently tattooed eyebrows are in reality practically impossible to change or correct (no matter what some people might tell you in their most Pollyanna state of mind.

During the years a lot can change and most probably you have also experienced that when it comes to your life. Many things that you might have considered to be hype five years ago look now absolutely absurd. Therefore many professionals simply state that going for permanently tattooed eyebrows is just too risky, trends change, your body changes, your facial featured change quite a bit and also ideal eyebrows (at least ideal from your point of view) might also change. Tattoos don’t change and therein lies the problem. With microblading you don’t have such problems because you can change the result in a year which is according to many an exactly optimal timeframe.


2. Accuracy - Who cares about details? Everyone!

Let’s separate emotions from facts now and take a pragmatic look into what is actually happening during tattooing and during microblading. To enable a tattoo to stay on your skin forever several deeper layers of skin tissue are broken down. It is not a question of interpretation it’s a fact. This also means that it is required to add much more ink into the skin to fill in the broken parts of the tissues. What does that result into? Amongst other things simply the process of making a permanent tattoo is prone to much more mistakes and inaccuracies than microblading. No matter how professional the artist is, this inaccuracy is caused by the simple fat that the process itself is different and much less exact. When you studied a tattoo under a microscope you saw how exactly the ink is pressed out of the skin through the surface layers and thus also how the edges of there micro-wounds get wavy. That waviness and inaccuracy related to that progresses over time and as they say - wait, there is more… It progresses specially on some parts of the body where the texture of skin issoft (the skin between your fingers and toes etc). Unfortunately brow area is also one of those regions on your body.

Microblading touches only the surface layers of your body and the actual blade that is used truly is microscopic (the blade you can see, consists of 16 extremely thin blades). Therefore it is possible to generate such lines and arches with this technique that would simply be impossible to achieve with any other technique (permanent tattooing being amongst many).


3. Attractiveness - what is even better that natural looking? Something that is so natural that you don’t have to fake it look more natural than it is.

Ok, we have to admit this reason here sounds a bit more emotional and it totally is. However, it’s also absolutely true. Namely, thin accurate and very exact lines on your body and especially on parts of your body where those are very well seen make those areas look attractive. Compared to fully filled areas the difference is immense - the more detailed patters just generate some sort of additional attractiveness.

The very reason why many women consider microblading brows to be very sexy is the following: compared to many other techniques that try to achieve natural looking result, you do not have to strive for that when it comes to microblading. What do we mean? Microblading is sexy and natural-looking as it is! You do not have to be ashamed of the fact that you have had microblading done. On the contrary: you can be proud of it - it is an enhancement of your looks exactly as it is and there is no reason whatsoever to hide it or to try to make it look different or more natural.

These arguments were entirely based on what many pros told us and to tell you the truth we asked these questions quite a long time ago when we at ProBrows wanted to make a strategical decision as to what procedures to include into our selection of services. We chose to start co-operating with SharpBrows and we are very satisfied with out decision.