As we are organizing microblading courses in Tallinn, we’ve been asked a lot how much is the microblading procedure going to cost for the clients in the future. In this post we’ll give it a try to zoom into this subject with the utmost rational mindset leaving aside all the emotions and controversial feelings it may arise. Of course we could produce a long story about the overall prize range of this service, however that would have little practical value to you. Our methods are a bit more unconventional and our approach (and sorry for that) is a way more direct. Here’s a concrete overview with actual arguments about how much should you pay for the microblading procedure.


MISSION: To find out how much exactly is reasonable to pay for the microblading procedure in the Scandinavian countries.

Easier asked than done as they say. However, this is exactly the mission we chose to ourselves. Fist of all we wanted to find out what is going on in the marked and gettinglarge dose of inspiration from the new movie MI we sent our field-agents out under cover. Yes, they pretended to be clients and started an intensive search for all microblading service providers in all of the Nordic countries to ask a simple question: “How much do you charge for the service?”.  We wanted to clarify what is the actual market prize of microbladingin then Scandinavian region.  Now youmay wonder of course that is it even possible to find out a ‘market prize’ of service that is so new and rather uncommon prepared to ordinary services such as nail or eyelash case. Well, this is the mission we chose and this ise the mission we succeeded in. Here are the results brought to you loud and clear on a silver plate.


SERVICE: What exactly are you getting.

So that we would not start comparing apples to nuclear bombs (I guess there is a saying like that, when it comes to avoiding comparison of things that cannot and should not be compared, if not I just coined it), we determined for what service exactly are we looking quotes for. Namely, it was a microblading full procedure that consists of consultation, brow design, actual blading and a re-touching procedure after about one month. This means that the price has to include all of that and that there should be no necessary half-hidden services that the client has to pay for the get the microblading procedure done. In a word: a full solution from 0 to 100 as they say that results in new microbladed brows that last for a year. To make comparison possible we left out any sort of additional procedures that will be carried out after a year- all clear and easy we pushed the pedal to the metal and started dialing for dollars…

The results as you might imagine where very different and many providers even pegged us later on not to write about this stuff so directly. Obviously, we asked them to forget about such nonsensical requests and divided the providers into 3 groups according to the fees they were asking for the procedure.


Blackish market from 99 to 150 euros.

As in every field of action on our Planet Earth there are also pretty interesting gals providing the microblading services for strangely low prices. Usually their pitch is the following: ‘I know how it goes, I’ve studied it and I can get it done…” The tools they’re usually using are cheapish and ‘made in China’. They rarely carry full kits and usually their stuff (when it comest to measurement tools if they even use those, pigments and aftercare) look to be composed from several different sources. You can only wish and pray that the pigments they use are natural because even they themselves can not really be 100% certain of that.

Obviously such service providers to not work in large salons, they can mostly be found working at home or sharing a little place with several others. And now, the prize: shocking or not, you can get the full service for 99 euros (approx. $110) . Cheap. There is no question whatsoever that this prize is cheap. At the same time of course there are risks that you may not want to take. We at least got an opinion that when you strive for optimizing every little thing you may well find yourself over-optimizing the important things that actually should not be cut.

Let’s pre-suppose that such service providers do not have any ill intentions (and actually they may not have!) the quality of the end-result still gets compromised. Why? There are three concrete reasons: low-quality materials, limited skill-set and questionable tools.

Low-quality materials. If a person has ordered the materials (such as pigments) herself there is actually no guarantee what those consist of. To which that you get supreme quality and to believe that the label that some no-name provider has given you about the products describes exactly and without errors the actual ingredients can be compared to winning a lottery by buying one ticket and hoping for the best. In the better case the pigment may just be cheap and fade away quickly. In the worst case scenario it has a lot of heavy metals in it and the so called ‘semi’ permanent blading may result in ‘not-so-semi’ permanent tattoo. Combined with the other possible flaws you may end up with let’s say two different and rather ugly-looking brows that just refuse to fade away in a year. How’s that for a bargain? Not too sexy, we’d say. We really believe that this is not a sure bet, it is rather a very long shot to get perfect materials from such service provider and you are up agains ugly odds becoming a lab-rat with some strange stuff sliced into you.

Un-sufficient training. The far majority of the service providers that ask for low fees have simply also optimised their costs when it comes to training. What does it mean exactly? They just have not passed a more expensive course and have become so-called self-proclaimed professionals by watching clips on the internet and studying material about microblading. Of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with such attitude and we do admire their drive the problem is that during an intensive course, such as SharpBrows Microblading Academy true professionals point out all the mistakes a student makes and a diploma can only be reached after completing tons of work after the class fist on skin-simulation and then on real human beings. In a word it is freaking hard and lengthy process with lots of ups and downs and pre-supposing the learning curve is not steep in this field is a fools errand. For a self-proclaimed professional you are the skin-simulation where she has her much-needed practice and once again you might want to reconsider stepping into this role.

Cheap tools (or rather interesting-looking and funny tools that have questionable quality). Creating and producing the right tools that can be used for microblading is a science on its own. For example the head of the blading tool, the positioning and exact number of micro-needles, the length and angle of those, the ways the tool is cured to achieve a perfectly curved shape etc is not something you ‘just can reproduce’ by trying to wing it by putting together a cheap tool that looks more or less like the one in the videos. For a variety of reasons there is usually no financial point for a service provider that asks for a very low 99 euro fee to buy herself a top-shelf solution like the one of SharpBrows for example and she is content with using fake tools. In a word: risky. Especially for you. That is nor a place or time you’d actually want to have over-optimized. When you win just one latte per week for a year you may lose something much more important: your brow-game. So what would then be a reasonable prize to pay?

Reasonable prize: 225 - 275 euros.

Different approaches to economics of providing the service. When it comes to the Scandinavian region there a quit a bit of professionals already that have truly mastered this service passing hard course and completing the required examinations. That allows those professionals to have a steady inflow on new clients, they do their work on a daily basis and are able to achieve a reasonable income level due to that. Such professionals (and we know what we’re talking about because our professionals at ProBrows are among those) do not need to hit a smaller number of clients with huge service fees. That would not just pay off. They rather have a bit larger number of clients to maintain their skill-set and advance as microblading professionals. In addition to that practice has shown that this way a larger income can be insured when it comes to a longer period of time.

Client flow. The best and pretty much the only way to get new clients when it comes to microblading is just to create magnificent brows to the existing clients. No matter how hard someone would market their skills if there are no satisfied customers it all falls apart. It is absolutely no science that satisfied customers do become the best salesmen and those professionals that generate a larger number of such clients are able to spend less on the traditional ways and means of advertising. They just don’t have to do it because the customers simply come to them. Sounds too good to be true? It might. However, it is a fact and we’ve got a track record to prove it - we have served customers from all Scandinavian countries and we continue to do that. Why? Because it just pays off for them to come here for the service and it pays off for us to provide it. Simple as that.

Focus. What we found out doing our research was also that the professionals that are able to maintain their prize level are a great deal more focused on microblading compared to many other large salons that provide tons of other services in addition to that. We found out (and somewhat surprisingly, by the way) that large salons that have a long list of services they provide somehow tend to list microblading with higher prices. The only plausible conclusion that could be drawn from that according to our humble opinion is that they have less focus on this service, providing that is related to higher overall costs and they need to keep the prizes higher to cover much higher fixed cost that is related to keeping doors open. The less there is focus on specific services the higher are the cost related to each service and the more the client has to cover overall expenses.

Now, let’s move on to the category that we found to be quite large and consisting of many different and interesting service providers…


Viciously expensive: 350 + Euros.

The number of service providers in this category was much larger than we thought at first and quite many of those were also asking a lot more than 350 euros for the microblading procedure. It was not uncommon that the prices even started with 5, 6 or 7. Obviously these service providers are professional - not a question about that. Many of those had attended similar courses to the ones our professionals have attended. We could talk about the importance of quality till the end of days, however when it comes to higher tier service providers that all is pretty elementary. All of the good ones are learnt people, they have all suffered the pain of learning from their mistakes and they all have mentors that are risking their reputation when giving the much desired certificates. All clear when it comes to that. However, it does not make too much sense to pay for the exact same result a way more. Why?  Once again there is more than one reason for that.

Same thing, different prize. It is absolutely normal that a LV handbag costs a way more than the one you find in H&M. However, if somebody would go to LV store, buy and handbag and then offer that to you for the prize twice as hight as the original buying prize that may well rise your eyebrow. If the result is professional and looks the same, all the tools are of highest quality and pigments used 100% natural containing no heavy metals, then why on earth should you pay more? We wouldn’t. The extra money you pay for the service just doesn’t show anywhere else but on your bank-account statement.

Rational reasons vs sponsoring somebody’s lifestyle. Every servicer provider does have reasonable costs related to providing the microblading service. I.e. she has to have an easy to access comfortable salon with all the needed equipment, professional tools, supporting personnel and what have you. However, there is a rational limit to these costs and we know what we’re talking about. When you add a reasonable profit expectation to these fixed costs and divide it by clients per month you would usually get much lower price level than the one that many service providers are on. What does it mean then exactly for you as the client? Basically it just means that the extra money the salon owner or the service provider makes on you can be spent on anywhere else that is not related to enhancing the quality of the service and in often cases that’s just his or her lifestyle. In a nutshell it means that they make an extra profit on you just because you’re willing to pay. In a way there’s nothing wrong with that and in a way there is. As we do not do it ourselves, it just doesn’t feel right for us. It it feels ok for you, you’re welcome to spend whatever you wish.

Wrong argumentation. Many of the providers that asked for much higher prices for the procedure also tried to give us a solid explanation about why they are doing so. Amongst other reasons those three came to forefront: a) we’ve made very height expenses getting the right to provide this service, b) that is the average price in this region for microblading, c) there are service providers (i.e. in London) that ask even more. Basically those reasons sound kind of right but when you bother to zoom deeper into the reasoning behind those you’ll understand that those all are based on pretty loose assumptions that are not necessarily true. The prize of the microbladingservice is different in each country and therefore we can only talk about an average price level in this specific country. If the service prize has to be higher due to overall economical criteria (such as tax-rates etc) then this bares a solid relation to this specific county only and in case it takes just a couple of hours to get the service from another place (such as Tallinn, Estonia), it does not mean necessarily that the prize should be higher here.


Wait a minute, you are absolutely biased because you’re offering this service, too!

That is something that you may think now and you’re absolutely correct. We are biased because we try to sell the same service. However, in addition to that we’re also pretty straight forward, blunt and open about that. When we first came out with the microblading service for our clients we had to position the price and make some weighty decisions. Of course, we could have gone for a bigger short term profit and pushed the prizes as high as possible explaining that using the arguments listed above but we didn’t. We decided to be straight shooters and so open about it that it gets our competitors scared. And now, months into providing the service successfully and having created tens of pair of microbladed brows we can say that this attitude has paid off.

Our prize has always been in between 225-250 euros and ordering the service from the web it is solid 225 and will remains so. That is how we roll and that is why many have preferred us.