As the number of girls and women that have received new Sharpbrows microblading brows from our ProBrows professionals is growing constantly we decided to write an article about the do-s and don’t-s regarding the recovery process after the procedure. We most certainly hope that you’ll find this post useful when you just want to know more about microblading or when you have agreed an appointment and want to make sure that your healing process will be carried out flawlessly.

1. Be aware of the stages of the recovery process.

The more you know about the process the easier it is for you to cope with that. Basically the healing process can be divided into 3 stages: 1) healing of the irritation on the surface layers of the skin; 2) the falling and peeling off of the dead skin tissue; 3) the fading of the pigment. During the 2-4 weeks after the procedure you will experience all these phases. Please do not hesitate to ask our microblading professionals every thing you might want to know regarding that.


2. Be gentle to your brows and do not peel off the dead tissue yourself.

The skin around and on top of your brows can become pretty sensitive and this is especially so during the first 24 hours after the microblading procedure. If you wish to wash your brows do it with clear water and very gently avoiding any sort of heavier pressure on the skin of the brow area. After the procedure there may be some tiny dry bits and pieces that consist of dead tissue, blood and pigment. Most clients will feel an irresistible temptation to start scratching or peeling those off gently. Do not do that! Limit touching brows to washing them gently with lukewarm water. To cope with that mildly irritating feeling you may repeat the washing procedure every couple of hours. On the first day after the procedure (and also on the procedure day) youmay want to press a soft moist cotton towel on your brows.


3. Rub calming oil and balsam into your brows.

Many of our clients have found calming oil and creams to be the beast solution to calm the initial irritation and fight the itching feeling on the brow area. The best oils we suggest to use are oils of: grapefruit seed, sweet almond, jojoba or coconut. We will also give all our clients calming skin balsam that will help you your brow skin to recover faster. On the first week after the procedure you should use it 3-4 times a day and even more often on the first couple of days.


4. Protect your new brows!

Whilst you should not apply any sort of lotions or conditioners to your microbladed eyebrows if those are bleeding or your skin is ultra sensitive. However, when your healing has progressed normally, it is smart to protect the pigment that has been applied into your skin by using silicon based products. This is especially important when you enjoy spa procedures or go to a swimming pool. Chlorine and other chemicals may have a negative effect on your brows because the pigment used for the quality microblading procedure is completely natural and dissolves faster when harder chemicals get into a direct reaction with that.


5. Stay away from the solarium and intensive skin creams.

We suggest you not to go for any sort of solarium procedure at least for a week after the microblading procedure. That suggestion also applies to going to the direct heavy sunlight. Getting too much sun will have a negative effect on the pigment that has been inserted into the top layers of your skin during the microblading procedure. If freshly completed microbladed brows are exposed to direct sunlight too much the pigment may fade off quite a bit resulting in somewhat uneven color of the bladed brows and a need for a heavier touchup.

6. Avoid intensive sweating and swimming.

At least for a week after the procedure we suggest you to avoid any sort of physical activities that result in heavy sweating due to the change of your body temperature. That applies to sauna, swimming, intensive workout, bathing etc. In addition to sweating going to public pool may also have a negative effect on your new brows because of the chlorine that is mixed into the pool-water. Although there’s little or no remarkable negative effect from such circumstances for most of the girls, depending on the unique texture of your skin that sort of exposure to sweating or chlorine may cause complications and worsen the quality of the microblading procedure.


7. Be careful with any sort of medical procedures.

If you happen to be a blood donor do inform the experts in your donating centre about the microblading procedure you’ve had. Depending largely on the opinion of the blood centre specialist your blood may be refused for 3 up to even 6 months after the procedure (the experience of our clients suggests that this however happens rarely and the blood is good to go in weeks :) ). In addition to that procedures that involve using different kinds of laser technologies may have to be postponed for some time if the provider of such procedures so decides. Please always inform your doctor and the providers of any sort of other medical procedures about the microblading treatment you’ve had.  Do not presuppose that everyone will reckon you’ve had the microblading procedure themselves.


8. No brow makeup and anti-aging creams.

At least for a week (preferably for 10 days) after the procedure we suggest you not to apply any sort of makeup on your brows. Also, do not use anti-aging creams on your brow area until the initial cuts have healed. Keep any intensive creams off your brow area and be sure to be careful with the creams the ingredients of which you do not know.


9. Do not consider the result of the initial procedure to be final.

Many of our clients have experienced mild anxiety when they have studied how the color of the pigment fades a little during the fist couple of weeks after the procedure. This is completely normal and there is no need to worry because of that. In the beginning the cut-lines may sometimes look a bit uneven, as well as the color of the pigment will most probably change quite significantly during the first month after the procedure. Keep in mind that the actual result can be evaluated correctly only after the touchup (re-touching) procedure has also been performed.


10. Do not hesitate to contact our microblading professionals.

There are no stupid questions and whenever you feel the need to ask anything from our microblading professionals please just do so. You can be sure that we have heard the weirdest and silliest of all questions already and the things you may want to need to know sound absolutely normal to us. Microblading technique is pretty new thing and there is no need to risk the quality of your brows by swinging it when it comes to aftercare. Just use the personal contacts of the SharpBrows microblading professional that carried out the procedure on your precious brows.