First and foremost you still have to understand that microblading in its essence is not permanent brow tattooing that many other much more stagnant salons provide. Here in ProBrows we would actually never go into tattooing brows permanently into the skin of our clients because that is greatly against our basic principles. However, as microblading is not permanent tattooing, we have gone into that deep and can well call ourselves proudly professionals in this field. Now, the questions and our answers :)


What exactly is this microblading?

Microblading is a brow design approach that allows to maintain the personality and beauty of the natural brows of the client. During the microblading procedure a thin layer of pigment is sliced into the surface layers of the skin. The pigment we use in co-operation withSharpBrows is also 100% natural thus it does not hurt the skin nor does it provoke any unnecessary reactions from the body. Although this procedure is a little like tattooing there is a major difference between microblading procedure and permanently tattooed eyebrows. Namely brows created with the microblading technology will dissolve within about one year. This means that the results usually last for a good year and after approximately 10-12 months the color fades away. Thus it is a natural way to make a tattoo and something in between heavier brow design and henna :)


How long do the results last?

Microblading lasts for a year. That is what our experience shows and that is also what SharpBrows Microblading has proposed as the optimal period the results should last. However the quality of the result an well as longevity greatly depends on the quality of the job done (well, we always suggest to go to a pro for microblading because when someone messes up your eyebrows you don’t really want the result to last even for a year :) ). Usually the procedure has to be repeated once a year and some occasional lighter retouching may be needed once in while.


How often do I need to renew my eyebrows after having microblading done?

As said, a well done microblading has to be renewed only once a year and that has also been our experience. Some girls have claimed that to be “pretty often” and according to that mindset also Christmas’s and birthdays appear in our lives “pretty often”. We strongly believe that eyebrows are hyper-important and to keep them looking perfect for a year with one renewal procedure is a barging in any and all ways according to our experience. However, we suggest to come for a quick aftercare and consultation after approximately 10 months of the first year. Retouching does not hurt and it just enhances your looks.


“Retouching does not hurt?!” What do you mean? Is the initial procedure painful?

Of course, it depends greatly on your pain tolerance but generally we can say: definitely not. If you have ever had a “real” tattoo then these procedures can definitely not be compared to each-other. Microblading is a total walk in the park compared to a real tattoo when it comes to causing pain to the client. However, just to make it even more convenient we use different numbing creams in different phases of the procedure. Many clients have said that microblading causes far less inconvenience and pain to them than for example heavy threading. Thus you don’t even have to kick in you power-girl mojo to take this step. It’s just a different sort of feeling and may be a little itchy but it’s not painful.


So what does this procedure exactly look like and how do I need to prepare for that?

One of the many pro-s of microblading is the fact that it can be done practically “on the fly”. What do we mean by that? In a word: it doesn’t require any special preparation or mysterious preliminaries. That may also be the reason why some of our clients from other countries, let’s say Finland, have woken up with an idea to get microblading brows done and in the evening they have already walked out of our microblading salon happy with the job done. Although, of course, if you want to know more about all the nuances regarding prepping for the thing you can read a whole article dedicated to that.


How long exactly does the procedure last?

Usually the whole thing is over in 20 minutes. Just kidding! As a rule microblading can take up to 2 hours and if it is your first time then you can also count on it taking the 2 hours. Why? Because we don’t rush. Our fist and foremost important goal is to achieve professional results, thus we take our time. 2 hours include preparation, designing the brows and getting the actual microblading done. As this a procedure that affects your looks for an entire year you should not under any circumstances consider 2h to be too long :)

What do I have to do after the procedure? 

In a word: nothing special :) Obviously you need to keep your skin and brow hair clean and dry, avoid extensive exposure to sun and not go to the pool. However, all our clients get a thorough material about the do-s and don’t-s after the procedure. In addition to that we’ve also written a blow-by-blow article about that.


Do I need to take the day off for the procedure?

Well, I you come from abroad as many of our clients do, then yes. Otherwise, no :) It is not uncommon at all that a girl comes to the procedure on her lunch-break and then just skips a couple hours of work. What is actually important is the following: you don’t look messed up after microblading and you can calmly return to work without being afraid that you co-workers consider that appearance to be a lame Halloween joke :) We’ve seen girls that that have looked really beaten up after a perm-tattoo session and thus we can assure you: microblading is nothing like that and you’ll be perfectly fine-looking after the session. Just be prepared for a lot of questions about your ‘new brows’ from your coworkers.


How long does it take for my skin to fully recover?

Usually a week up to 10 days. You can be sure that smaller bits and pieces of your brow skin will fly off during that time. It takes around one month for the pigment to set in completely and therefore, if needed, we will also perform a little touch-up after a month. When you decide to go for a procedure that includes the touchup you can be sure that the result is just perfect!


Ok, sounds convincing, however, I want to know what exactly happens on my skin during the procedure?

When we zoom deep into the actual procedure of microblading we come across the following three phases: design, the actual process and fine-touching. Thus during the first phase we will design you perfect brows. This means that we use the special tools to measure the different parts of your brow-line, as well as your facial features and draw so-called ‘new brows’ to on your skin. When you see and approve the design we’ll suggest you pigments that match with the color of your skin and hair the best.

During the ‘blading’ phase we use a special SharpBrows microblading blade that actually consists of 11-14 tiny blades to slice the pigment into the surface layers of tour skin. As this phase looks a bit like tattooing many people may get the false idea that there is something in common when it comes to perm tattoos and microblading. However, that’s the integral part of the procedure and it indeed results in you having ‘perfect new brows’.

During the fine-touching phase we use different calming creams on your skin and tell you all about what is going to happen in the following days. You will get fully prepared to cope with your changed looks and take the best care of your new microbladed brows.


Is there still something awful that can happen to me after the procedure?

Well, it depends of wether you follow the instructions or not :) The most important thing is to keep your skin dry and clean. This means that you should not jump into a pool within a couple of days after the procedure. As well as we suggest you not to go in for physical activities that cause heavy sweating. Solarium is a big no-no for at least 72 hours. In addition to that you should keep your fingers off your new brows (sounds a bit childish, doesn’t it? :) ) However, no touching! We all know that the skin starts really itch and you want to peel off smaller pieces of dead skin, however you shouldn’t do that! No super-strong anti-aging creams or other anti-aging stuff, a lot of keep-calm attitude, and we should be perfectly fine :)


Is there anyone that can not or should not go for microblading?

There are some rare types of skin that does not react to microblading well. However, you can be sure that you know it before even considering going for microblading because then you also usually have all sorts of other problems with your skin. There have been a couple of clients we have turned down because of especially oily skin, however, this means that the skin must be really remarkably and unusually oily. You should not go fot microblading if you have moles close to your brows and also when there are large capillaries or keratosis in your brow area.


What if I don't like the result?

Well that may happen, however that has never happened to us (knocking on wood :) ). The chances that you will discover after the procedure that the brows you got are not at all as you imagined them to be, are really slim. Why? Because during the design phase you’ll get a pretty good idea how your new brows are going to look like. In addition to that let’s not forget that we always start with through consultation when you step into our salon. We will discuss each and every step, talk about and agree on the brow design and color and let you have your word. However, we have heard some horror-stories about microbladed brows that look bad and therefore there is only one great and sure way to avoid this problem: have a professional do your brows! Whether you choose us or any other truly professional, let’s say someone else from the SharpBrows system, you can be sure you get a perfect result. When you go for a hyper-discounted knockoff you’re on your own babe, as they say :) And if something terrible happens the person who generated this chaos on your forehead can also take a lot less responsibility cause his or her name is not connected to any significant brand.


Why do women usually go for microblading?

Girls choose microblading for various reasons and of course we could explain in detail how microblading allows damaged eyebrows look perfect or why microblading is undeniably the best practice to make naturally slim and thin brows look great. In addition we could tell a lot about how easy microblading makes taking care of your brows during one year and how much time you save due to that - wow, can you imagine :) However, that is all obvious. What we will say you on top of that all is the this - the experience of our clients has proven the following: microblading makes your brows look attractive! And that by the way is also a response from several men that have seen the dramatic change of the eyebrows of their wives of girlfriends. Woman just looks better and more attractive after getting microblading done. Thus we can proudly say that microblading indeed is a gift that keeps on giving.