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Another cup of coffee… Caffeine - not healthy, we give you that but then again necessary - as Henry Rollins said: “The black blood of creativity”. What’s the time? Well, you don’t really want to know - something in between the time the steer-sweepers wake up and party-girls go to sleep. Ok, let’s get it on…


All that about me that drives the other people crazy has helped me grow the most…

Lately, we had a chance to have a chat with one rap-artist born and raised in Finland (yes, we’re spending quite a lot of time in Finland now :) ), who said that “All that about me that drives the other people crazy has helped me grow the most.”. When we asked what does he mean precisely, he claimed to have an urge to go for perfection, always, with every thing he does and with no freaking compromises. Sounds like a cliche? It most def does. However, the only reason we let it slip into this post is the following - when it comes to him and us, there’s enough truth to that to consider it legitimized. Thus the inner drive to achieve perfection can be so powerful that it literally changes our lives and the lives of others around us. What does it mean exactly? For doing something well or even really well you may need to spend X hours of time. To do something amazingly you may need twice as much time. Or even more. The last step, the distance from 95% to 100% may often require more input when it comes to time, effort and energy than achieving the first 95%. Nice to know, may you think now, but why the hell are you telling me that. The reason is simple - that is exactly what we’re doing right now when it comes to Brow-classes in Estonia and many other Scandinavian countries.


Ordinary gals never perform miracles…

Of course there’s principally nothing missing when it comes to the market of brow-classes and lash-classes, at the moment. People are coming, trainers train, all looks cool - much like it looked cool in the car market before Elon Musk and Tesla or in the tablets market before Steve Jobs and iPad. As we all know every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything…(please forgive as yet another cliche, we only used it because we truly believe so).

How did we get started? We looked through everything that was out there when it comes to brow- and lash trainings. We spoke to participants - asked them directly: what did you like about the class and after hearing that let them also speak about the things that could have been better. We learned a lot. After that the real work begun. We not only turned to many absolute brow- or lash professionals, but we also spoke to teaching professionals and acclaimed trainers. We were very blunt and said that we don’t really want to create the best brow-training in Estonia (that would have been a target which we had had an unaffected scorn for), but the best brow-training the Scandinavian region.

Their initial reaction was of course: “You’r absolutely crazy…”. Well, if we’d get a buck every time we hear that, we’d be… Enough about the cliches. Obviously we are barking mad, we told them, and unsurprisingly they nodded respectfully seconding the Finnish rapper-guy that said: “The fact you’re crazy is just freakin’ perfect (he didn’t actually use the word freakin’ but come on, even we don’t dare to be so descriptive), because ordinary gals don’t swing for the fences and thus they never perform miracles!”.

The loser now, will be later to win…

Many really influential idols of ours have said that most things in life can be thought of as either a Bob Dylan or a Beatles song and Dylan is something we’re listening to at the moment. Ok, what’s the point of that? When we had teamed up with many brow and lash artists and asked for advice from multiple training professionals, the hardest part of the real work begun. Together with four people that we feel utmost gratitude towards, because they pushed us to demand even more from ourselves, we composed training programs that allowed the participants to learn even more, more practically and in shorter time-frame than ever before. Sounds a bit over the top? Absolutely. However, we’ve tested that and it just works.

We realized that as the brow-business or lash-business is first and foremost business, brow-training has to be first of all a training (can’t emphasise the word “training” enough), where there’s the right learning atmosphere, participants feel that they’re involved in the process, acquiring practical skills is valued over theoretical material and the overall approach towards training and participants is a way different. We believe that there’s no point in hyping cool headlines of brow-classes or stress the value of diplomas or generate the overall hip-glamour-buzz around the whole thing. It’s all bunch of nonsense if there’s not enough substance in the core of the class that would be genuinely useful for the participants. A brow-training is useful only if it has enough substance. SUBSTANCE.

What does it mean exactly? This means that the material for the class is not copiedfrom various sources and just made to look cool. Both the contents and the process of the training have to be supremely practical and delivered in the right way not “read from the paper in a disturbingly numb way” (as many participants of the old-school brow-classes have described parts of the learning process). The participants have to be understood and got involved through empathy, emotion and caring attitude.

We enjoy the fact that we are new the gals in town, we enjoy the certain kind of underdog approach that drives us to do even more and most of all, we are sincerely thankful to all the professionals that have come to help us on our path to victory. We strive insanely hard to surprise you all in a positive way and if we have to choose, whilst moving towards that, between yet another Christmas-dinner-party-turning-into-pointless-wining-and-dining or pulling off a classic Elon Musk style all-nighter, then our choice is obvious for us. Uh, uh… we most certainly can’t be considered completely normal, but at least we’re most probably on the right path.

However, now we finally go to sleep and let our friend Ekke Lainsalu who also happens to be the most popular sales-trainer in Estonia to phrase his approach towards training we also share.

Copyright Ekke Lainsalu

Ekke Lainsalu: “I’ve told the gals many times that according to me the good trainer becomes great first and foremost for her ability to be emphatic. Meaning that she should really be able to step into the shoes of the participant and also the client of the participant: how do they feel? What would excite them? What would be truly useful to them? This skills is one of the most important ones in sales, communication and actually everywhere. And I’m pretty sure they’ve got the point.”.

Thanks for taking the effort to read the whole story and by no means trying to be rude to anyone, but at the same time being really blunt - if you're planning to make an investment into brow-training, then wait a bit, soon we'll publish our courses and we can assure you, those will be the new gold-standard in brow- and lash-training business.

Siiri Tabri
Brow professional and trainer

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Brow professional