Here we go again! ProBrows Estonia brow professional Siiri Tabri has composed a list of 15 brow mistakes you should pretty much try to avoid at any cost. Obviously you know many (or most) of those but in case you do find a couple of new things to take into account when taking care of your brows then, I guess, we've managed to make your day just a little bit better :)

1. Make sure the brow hair is not too tangled!

2. Too not mix too many brow-products on your brows at the same time!

3. Don't try to shape your brows with just one line

4. Don't forget to render the brow pencil color into your brows.

5. Do not use the wrong brow color!

6. Do not apply too much brow-marker!

7. Never leave brows patchy!

8. Make sure the brows are not filled too heavily!

9. Make sure the brows are not filled unevenly!

10. Make sure the brows always have a well defined shape!

11. Avoid making the tip of the arch too sharp!

12. Do not make the brow too looong!

13. Never make brows too rectangular!

14. Never over-tweexe your brows.

15. Avoid "comma"-shape and never move the tip of the arch right in the center of the brow!