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You have surely seen a lot of before and after pictures in the beauty business - the ones where there’s usually a picture of how something used to look like before on the left and the picture of how the same thing looks like after the procedure on the right. Well, we did the same with brow-design and grooming trainings. And already quite soon you can experience the the difference at our new trainings.


“No worries, I found us the brow-trainings handouts! It’s done!”. Sounds a bit funny, doesn’t it? Like a scene from a movie or something. Well, quite often life is even more absurd than the movies. There are several brow-trainings out there that have handout-materials or manuals containing information that is just copy-pasted from materials of other similar trainings. Not just taken and modified but copied word by word together with the “misakses”. What usually happens, when such materials are used in trainings is the following: there are more than one principle difference in between what’s written in the handout workbook and what the trainer teaches, i.e. how or in which order to perform some brow-grooming procedure etc. The result: students get confused and it’s very hard to put the learned material into practice afterwards.

“Yo, could you pull off a class tomorrow?”. You can surely imagine a scene in a movie or a fairy-tale where a character gets some super-powers (levitate, read others minds or turn invisible) by somebody just waving a magic wand? Many organizers of brow-trainings seem to be believing to have the same sort of powers. If one writers “Trainer” under somebody’s name then how exactly does that enhance persons’ abilities to teach a class. The correct answer is: “Not too much.”. If a person has never ever learned to teach then it doesn’t make very much difference how much she knows when she’s only capable of passing on a tiny fraction of her wisdom. We’ve all heard about magnificent soccer players that become absolute failures as trainers and the esact same mechanics apply to brow-business.

“Our headquarters is…em…in…”. There’s nothing wrong with the fact that people become interested in various different things. However, there’s not too much good about drifting away from the reality and ending up in a fairy-tale world that is completely imaginary. If everything about the training-provider from the brand name, marketing, clients and system of certification on up to the fact that there are actually no employees working for the company and all the decisions are coming from some sort of headquarters (that actually is also literally “head quarters” because it’s located in person’s head), is fake, then we believe the situation isn’t funny anymore. What’s the consequence of all that imaginary world? Certification one receives by such training-providers is also a part of the fake world of imagination. The sad thing is that it’s much harder to make others, that are not convinced by the personal sunken cost, to believe in the value of such certificates.


It was much harder than we thought. After having decided to go into brow-training business we realized how hard it actually is to put together a practical class. We understood that it’s not easy at all to provide solutions to the problems that actually prevent brow-professionals from earning more income and that it is pretty far fetched to believe that one class could change the situation dramatically. What did we create as a result of that? A revolutionary silver bullet that solves all the problems? No, absolutely not. Rather we put together a set of tools that are based on a large number of conversations with the beauty-pros that have gone to different brow-trainings and analyzing what they have considered to be the most valuable lessons learned that can be put into practice. We decided that first and foremost we must concentrate on the actual GAIN the participates get form the training. The concrete goal we phrased was that the participants should be able to make the investment made into the training back 10 folds and that it would happen in the following couple of months after the class. To be able to put together a class that enables achieving that goal we consulted true brow-pros from Estonia, Finland, Russia and many other places. We achieved a result that makes us proud and most definitely allows to deliver the material so that there is no contradiction between what one sees in the workbook and what the teacher tells.

We were lousy trainers at first. Although many girls that have joined ProBrows excel at various fields of beauty business, we realized that at least at first they very pretty mediocre trainers. Probably not better at all than the trainers of many brow-classes are now. They had good intentions, but the skill-set to be a professional trainer just wasn’t there. Then we called up the best teachers and trainers we knew, asked them everything about training and after htat just started practicing. We practiced a lot. It would be nice to say now that we found a revolutionary solution to training and became excellent trainers because of that. However, that would not be the truth. What happened was that our trainer candidates became better gradually learning from all the mistakes they made. We realized the importance of acknowledging how the participants want to learn and how important it is to follow the individual expectations of everyone in the group. We know now that trainings have to be absolutely student-centered and that the approach to training must include tons of sincere caring towards the students acquiring the new skill-set. And after all that we can say with pride that we have achieved that.

ProBrows is a company established in Estonia. Yes, we have investors from Finland and other countries. Yes, we have many representatives in other Scandinavian and European countries and we are expanding fast. However, we do not feel the need to come up with a cool founder-story that would try to stun everybody with big names of large cities or street-locations we’ve actually never been to. Why not? Firstly, because that’s not the way we do things. Secondly, that would just not be the truth. We refuse to believe that anyone at all could take our training certificates seriously after finding out that we’ve lied about where and how we’re established or where our headquarters is. And thus also our certification system is as transparent as we are. We’ve made an informed decision that we issue two diplomas: one proving that a student has been to the class and the second proving that the student has acquired a certain skill-set. Obviously getting the second diploma always pre-supposes review of student’s work by our pros. Simple as that.

ProBrows brow-trainings are ready and you’ll be able to enroll soon. See you and take care!