Tens of girls have written to me…  Actually already more than a hundred. I’m extremely thankful of all the good wishes and support. It means a lot to me. Starting providing services under the SharpBrows brand name means a start of a new era for me and for all the other girls at ProBrows. We dear to look further and raise our glances even higher.

The world is full of girls that seem to be counting on something or someone from the outside when it comes to pursuing their personal success: parents, partner, husband, winning a lottery or whatever else. I’m not amongst them. I truly believe that advancing towards one’s dreams in life depends on the person herself and herself only. I’m not ashamed to say that - nor here, nor in the classes.

I often go back in my thoughts to the very first training I carried out. There was exactly one student there and it was held in a tiny room. I recall knowing back then that it was a big big thing because I had always dreamt of being a teacher, however I also knew that it’s just the beginning. I had this certainty, that sort of inner confidence telling me that in case I do manage to do everything the right way, if I strive real hard then everything is possible. I know it sounds crazily humongous - “everything”. However, it’s the truth. Everything IS possible. But there’s a caveat: everything is possible only if you do it yourself.

I believe that all solutions that are provided to you from the outside: gifts, people doing things for you, someone helping you with every step you want to take always bear two characteristics: those are temporary and highly addictive. If you let other people build your success for you then sooner or later you’ll find yourself in the passenger seat. If you’ve ever tried driving a car that way you know that this is pretty insanely impossible.

Dreaming your dreams yourself, going after your dreams yourself and being in control of your life is something we also teach at our classes. And it works. Many girls have written to me about how they have been able to make changes in their working career and due to that also in their lives in general. And that I believe to be the essence of feeling total gratitude and I thank each and every student that has told me about her progress.

Of course, the only person that can change your life is you. And I truly hope that I can help you on your journey towards change, if you so have wished. I’m not afraid to say that I’ve made it when it comes to a lot of things and dreams that started with just one girl on a tiny classroom have been replaced by dreams that involve tons of girls in large cities all over the world. If that attitude is something you also happen to love and in addition about learning new skills related to brows you also want to take complete control over your own dreams and life, then I believe you’ll love our courses :)

See you soon,