I’ve never had so many classes in so many different countries with so many different participants than in the past few weeks. Looking back, it all gets blurred in my head into a large acceleration lane that is surrounded by cheerful people, my new students - my friends. I can’t even recall concrete classrooms, seminar halls, massage tables or hundreds of brow drawings, all that has remained in the forefront of that all is just the feeling of gratitude.

Why am I talking about all that? I want you to know: dreams do come true. I remember in detail how I was trying to get started with my brow business. I had nothing - I mean literally nothing: no capital, no contacts, not even a plan. All I had was a firm decision no change my life and my will to do whatever it takes to become an international makeup artist and a trainer. If you think that everyone surrounding me considered my dreams to be realistic or even doable you are badly mistaken. It’s not even how they explained to me that this is never gonna happen because Tallinn is too far and competition there is too fierce and that the rest of the world I should just forget about right away. It’s that they did it. Constantly.

I’m telling you just one thing: if I had ever listened to them then I would most probs be still working in a tiny salon in Saaremaa and you’d know nothing about me. In your life there are moments when you’ve got to blindly believe in yourself even if practically no-one else does. Your peer group doesn’t necessarily have any sort of ill intentions towards you, they’re just different and afraid that if against all odds you made it then you’d leave them behind and they’d just lose you. And that’s the reason they come up with tons of explanations why your dreams are unrealistic and undoable and why you should give those up because otherwise you’d be disappointed. The worst about it is that quite often their reasons start to sound solid even for the hardest go-getter.

Luckily those didn’t kill my dreams. I just couldn’t give up what I was hoping and working for so hard. I decided that I want more from my life, I want to give my ultimate best and see how far it takes me. I’ve known from early on that I could never live a perfectly predictable calm stable life that’s just a code-name for a killing routine and die 50 miles from the place I was born. I want to see the world, give classes in London, New York and even further. I want to get something done with my life, ‘put a dent in the universe’, as Steve Jobs said. I’ve faith in that and that faith has helped me a lot lately.

If you strive real hard and take action, new opportunities present themselves, new doors open and you get offered traveling new secret paths and magnificent highways that you couldn’t have even imagine existed. And then all of a sudden you start seeing your life and the world in a different light, you realize that the limitations you had are not related to the environment you live in but to the limited beliefs of the people you chose to listen to and that did not believe in you or even if they did,  did not show it (which is practically the same).

How can you do the same? I really want to tell you all about it when we meet for example at some of my classes. Actually, we talk about these things in all of our classes: FullGlam brow training, now remastered FullGlam Extensions training and also at our SharpBrows microblading training. Without that part of the class the overall result would be much less influential for the participants, thus I urge you to enroll. I can give less classes in Tallinn at the moment because I’m traveling more and more, however I’m sure you’ll get your seat if you’re fast enough. I’m sure that you have all that it takes to make your dreams come true inside you and all you really need is just someone to believe in you and help you get out of the everyday mundane routine that people tend to get stuck in for years. Let me be that person! I promise I’ll give my ultimate best to do that as well as I’ll stand next to you when you get started with your new career. See you soon!