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As we are carrying out more and more microblading procedures we decided to add a little blow-by-blow instruction to all the clients that are coming or planning to come to get SharpBrows microblading from our ProBrows professionals.


1. Get an idea of what’s going to happen.

First, we just suggest you to read about microblading. You are very welcome to do it on our site. Just get an overview of what the procedure is all about, how it is carried out and what are the most common questions regarding that. You can start with our article ‘All you wanted to know about microblading’.


2. Be prepared for little redness.

Better safe than sorry they say :) Yes, although there is very very rarely any serious redness we still suggest you to prepare for some redness on your brows that may occur just after the procedure. Different types of skin react differently to the procedure so just keep that in mind when making plans for the next couple of hours after the microblading appointment.


3. Come to the procedure with minimal makeup.

Please do not put on a heavy makeup on the day of the appointment. This does not mean of course that you should not have any makeup on, normal daily make up is totally ok. Also, we suggest you not to put on any makeup on your brows.


4. Be careful with the following medications.

There are certain medications we suggest you not to take within the 48 h before the procedure. These are for example: Aspirin, Ibuprofen and also other pain-killers. Also we suggest you to avoid medications that have any other strong effect on your body.


5. Consuming alcohol before the procedure.

It would be just perfect if you would not have any sort of drink within the 48h before the procedure. In case you have consumed a larger amount of alcohol on the night before the procedure we suggest you to move the appointment to the next day.


6. Please avoid products that contain Retin A (tretinoin).

In case you are using products that contain a significant amount of Retin A (tretinoin) we suggest you to cut down the usage of those one month before the procedure. This however concerns the brow area only. Basically when you know when your appointment time is coming up, just cut down using these products on your brow area. That also concerns products that contain a significant amount of A-vitamine.


 7. Please avoid AHA skincare products before the procedure.

This concerns the week before the procedure. We suggest you to avoid skincare products that contains Alpha-hydroxy-acid. In addition to that we also suggest you to cut down the usage of anti-aging products on your brow area two weeks prior to the appointment.


8. If you are a blood-donor.

It is not in your best interest to go donate blood on the appointment day. Basically that might just strain your body too much and you might start feeling weak. As well as there may be some issues regarding the contents of your blood the day after the procedure, so skip donating then too.


9. Threading and other brow procedures.

To achieve the best result regarding microblading you should not thread your brows one weeek prior to the appointment. In addition to threading that actually concerns also other brow care procedures, such as heavier tweaking etc. As well as please do not have your brows waxed on the week prior to the appointment.


10. Be open about your allergies or chronic illnesses.

Be sure to tell our microblading professional everything you consider even mildly important about the chronic illnesses or allergies you might have. Please list everything you know about cosmetic substances that have had a negative effect on your skin. Be aware that you are obligated to fill in an additional statement about the sate of your health and everything affecting that (such as pregnancy etc) in the salon.

In case you follow all these instructions, we are absolutely sure that you’ll be perfectly fine when coming to get your SharpBrows microblading.