We asked the participants of our SharpBrows microblading training why they’ve chosen us and they came up with the answers that lead to the following three reasons.

SharpBrows training are carried out in very small groups (2-4 participants). Why is it so? The reason is simple: we’ve discovered that the time in which the participant learns microblading and the number of her (or his) mistakes pointed out by the trainer is inversely proportional. For that it is inevitable that the trainer also oversees the student performing microblading not just a photo of the completed job. Pictures are greatly telling, however it is impossible to realize for example what sort of pressure did the student apply, what was her exact order of tasks performed, how did she prepare the procedure etc. And we’ve not even going to start about how biased it is to award a diploma or any sort of credentials based on photos only because that allows it to be given to girls that have never even opened the starter-kit after the training.

We believe that the most important part of learning the art of microblading is performing it on a live person. Compared to many others our courses differer a great deal because students participating perform the process on two different models and when it comes to the second one the process is completed with minimal intervention by the trainer. Obviously it is preceded by intensive practicing, however when it comes to ‘practicing on a model’ the student actually does practice on a model by herself (or himself) and doesn’t just retouch some of the fine lines of a set of beautiful brows created by the trainer.

According to a well-known and effective psychological mechanics grown up elephants do not try to escape even if they are tied to a very tiny stick with a weak chain because they’ve learned not to try as they were unable to escape in their early days. We do not want that to happen to our students and thus we have no restrictions that would limit the participants practicing on living models until they receive such permission from the trainer (that -when it comes to many other trainings - can ironically never be given). We believe in the student developing as fast and as far as possible letting the market to decide who will get the actual clients because of actual skills.

it is important for us that the clients of our participants be satisfied and when it comes to that we’ve discovered an interesting logic: the quality of the microblading jobs completed by our students is not determined by the number of days passed from the end of the training but by the number of brows actually bladed. And that figure, by the way, is considerably higher when it comes to us compared to many alternative classes, many participants of which have not even practiced at all afterwards. The facts speak for themselves and if you wish to become an actual practitioner of microblading you are very welcome to enroll in our training.