As you may know more and more girls from different countries come to get microbladed brows from us. As we always ask them what is the main reason they have decided to go for the microblading we’ve gathered quite a bit of information about that. Here, in this post we’ve listed the some of the reasons we’ve heard the most. Hope that it’s an interesting read if you’ve given some thought about getting your brows done.


1. Naturally thin or flimsy brows.

Unfortunately not all of us are blessed with the Cara Delevingne style super-brows. Girls are different as well as is pretty different the way their brow-hair grow. Thus if you have not inherited naturally perfect brows microblading might just be the right kind of magic move that kicks your brow-game to a whole new level. That same reasoning applies also to girls whose brows have been damaged by an unfortunate accident or illness.


2. Comfort.

The second important reason why girls have chosen to get microbladed brows is the fact that this makes their life a way easier. And we have to admit they are right - life with microbladed brows is just magically easy when it comes to day-to-day brow-care. You don’t have to worry what state your brow game is in because it’s always killing it. Of course, you could get the same sort of result with permanently tattooed brows, however there are several minor and not so minor reasons why you should prefer microblading (we’ve talked about this in our post: Microblading vs permanent tattooing). Combined with comfort many girls have also mentioned that microblading allows them to save - namely they’ve cut down pretty heavily all the expenses that were related to taking care of their brows regularly.


3. Perfect shape

Many girls have told us that the main reason they chose microblading was the fact that they wanted perfectly shaped brows. There’s a lot of truth to that too. The SharpBrows tools we use to measure the perfect shape, size and placement of the eyebrow are extremely precise and although there’s a lot of mathematics involved the results speak for themselves. Perfectly shaped eyebrows do not only look great they change the overall appearance of the face.

4. Attractiveness.

Attractiveness falls obviously into the category of emotional reasons. However. it’s also absolutely true. Microbladed brows make your brow-game excellent and also change the appearance of the whole brow area. This is achieved largely due to very precise and thin lines that remain supremely clear, visible and draw attention to your eyebrows. We’ve also found out that far majority of men consider microbladed brows to be more attractive than ordinary (although they’ve got no idea of course about different brow technologies or ways brows can be designed :) ).


5. Health.

Microbladed brows are obviously healthier than permanently tattooed brows - this is a fact that is well established and proven. However, there is another important phenomena that makes microbladed brows healthier - namely you need a lot less brow-care during the year after the procedure and this means that you’re going to use a lot less any sort of damaging substances on the skin of your brow area. The same logic applies to extensive care - as you need that a lot less during one year the health of your brow hair and -skin improves dramatically.


6. Positive attention.

Believe it or not, a large number of girls listed that as an accountable reason to have microblading done. They are not wrong because it has been well proven that your brows will start receiving a lot more attention after the procedure. What’s even better this attention is received for the right reasons (and not because your brows looked funny, damaged or over-plucked as has happened to many of us in some stages of our lives). Compared to perms the result looks also perfect and balances when you have less makeup on (with perms you need to have quite a lot of makeup on all the time if you want your facial features to be in balance).


7. Trendy look.

As we all know microblading has become more and more popular all over the world. In addition to that it has become more and more recognisable. This means that when you have microblading done you do not need to hide this fact. On the contrary - you can proudly wear your new brows and enjoy the attention you are getting. Although microbladed brows are a result of brow technique excellence combined with professional artwork, they are also trendy. And the stats show that this trend is not going to slow down - it has all the signs of growing even bigger.

If you decide to have microblading done, we can suggest you to find a true professional whether it’s us or some other girls that have passed true microblading course. However, if you want our help, you’re more than welcome to book us right now.