When it comes to microblading, ProBrows has chosen to co-operate with the company SharpBrows. This is one of the leading microblading service providers and developers in the European region as well as SharpBrows is known for introducing brow shading as part of the microblading procedure. We also arrange microblading trainings in cooperation with SharpBrows.

ProBrows leading microblading professional is Siiri Tabri.

Microblading and especially SharpBrows microblading has changed the history of brow design forever. As ProBrows is dedicated to providing its clients only the best microblading services, we have chosen to co-operate with the best and according to our opinion it is SharpBrows.

SharpBrows differs from many microblading approaches because it has the very popular brow shading included into the process of microblading.

Microblading is ideal if you want to enhance the shape and thickness of your brows. The results look stunningly real. Change the way your brows look in about an hour and register to our microblading procedure, now!

Some samples of SharpBrows microblading and BrowShading by Siiri Tabri.

Some brows done by Siiri Tabri's students

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The results of microblading after the procedure

The difference between the initial brows and microbladed brows in drastic. With the right approach and retouch the result looks amazingly real and natural. The brows look much bigger and lusher.


The healed results

Some critics of the microblading procedure have claimed that although the result looks hyper realistic right after the procedure after some time the color would fade away or to become less sharper. That is incorrect. With the correct maintenanceand re-touching the result remains sharp throughout the year.

Are you interested in having microblading done?

ProBrows provides SharpBrows microblading the prize of which is 250 euros. This includes the procedure itself and the first retouch. If the client also wishes to have brow shading done the cost of the procedure may be a little bit higher (depending on a concrete artist).