First on all, Siiri is one very simple and fine girl. As fine as they come, we’d say. She was born and raised in Kuressaare, Saaremaa - one of the tiny islands near Estonia. However, having constantly improved her skills and knowledge, she finally realized that little lovely Saaremaa is going to be too small of place for her.


That's why now she is in the biggest city of Estonia - Tallinn, and that's only a kick-off of something much larger, 'cause soon you probably hear about her in Helsinki, Stockholm, London and bunch of other places. Why, you may ask… Well then you’ve got to read the rest about her :)

What characterizes Siiri the best is simile. Well, she has a truly nice smile, you may say. But no, not only her smile. Smile characterizes her also because she has a natural born ability to make others smile - almost immediately and so influentially that you just cant help it.

In the first 90 seconds you spend with her you realize that that she is one of the most easy-going, positive, optimistic and hands-on person you’ve ever met. And in addition there’s this grit of hers - that sort of grit that makes her survive, go on and come out on top, when others give in and let go.

Thus there’s a true fighter within her and at those moments when the going gets rough she get’s truly amazing. How? She puts on a smile and pushes even harder, much harder than most of us and therefore all the problems that considered themselves to be unbeatable turn into little minions, make a sad face and run away from her.

Siiri is a licenced SharpBrows master and trainer. She hasthe credentials to perform and teach microblading, browshading and HD Blading services.

Some samples of the microblading Siiri has done

Healed result. If microblading is done correctly and to deep enough layers of skin and the client follows aftercare instructions,  the result will remain sharp and beautiful after healing. This photo is taken 5 weeks after the procedure.

During the last year Siiri Tabri has trained more than 1000 students in Scandinavia. Hundreds of them have started microblading careers and have earned 30+ M eur combined with microblading.

Some brows done by Siiri's students

Some samples of Siiri's work

Siiri has performed thousands of microblading procedures. Her students combined have performed more than 10 000 procedures. Here are just a couple of hundred samples of her work.

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The course that Siiri carries out in ProBrows

Siiri has been into developing brow-design for quite a bit. Therefore she is proudly considered to be the creator and founder of FullGlam Brows - an international brand that has now spread to a large number of different countries. If you want to learn about FullGlam Brows from Siiri at one of her practical trainings please just click on the link below.

All cool, but how does that relate to brows and being a trainer, may you ask now.

It does! In three major ways, for starters. Firstly, you most probably want your little precious brows to be treated by the gentle hands that are connected to a kind and giving heart (wow, what a concept, just let the thought sink in for a sec and you’ll realize how important that is). Secondly, you most probably want to study all the skills related to brows and lashes from a person that is even more interested in you really truly getting the material than you yourself are. And thirdly, she’s just super-chill to be with. She will not get on your nerves during a 2h microblading session, on the contrary - you’ll enjoy her swagger immensely and in minutes you’ll feel her warmth doing it’s thing and you start talking to her as to your best friend with whom you’ve shared all your past lives.

All right, all right, that’s all good, but let’s be honest, when it comes to brows and beauty business being just a super-fun to hang out with won’t really do the thing. Thus let’s also talk about hard facts that prove Siiri also be an absolute professional when it comes to makeup, brows and lashes.

Some facts:

  • 2013 she graduated from Makeup and Cosmetics School as a makeup artist.
  • 2015 she graduated from Makeup and Cosmetics School’s Fantasy makeup and special effects course.
  • 2015 she graduated from Estonian Beauty-services Private School as lash technician, depilation professional and nail professional
  • 2015 she graduated PhiBrows Branko Babic Microblading Academy and learned the skill of microblading.

In addition to that Siiri has completed many courses and trainings but none of these are not that remarkable as her achievements from various competitions:

  • Nevskie Berega International Makup competition 2013 - meigis 7th place
  • Nevskie Berega International Makup competition 2014 - meigis 5th place
  • Finland Bodypainting Open Competitions - 3rd place.
  • Estonian Open competition in Makup - Winner.


And now you may wonder why she'll be soon at all sorts of places in addition to Tallinn and Helsinki. The reason for that is simple - she's been pretty demanded as a trainer and our new programs have caught the interest of students form all over Scandinavia and not only. Thus Siiri will be traveling quite a lot, soon...